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Brandon Barash and his chemistry with blondes


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  • isa
    Board Regular
    • Sep 2005
    • 587

    Brandon Barash and his chemistry with blondes

    Julie Marie Berman, I was and still am a Johnny and Lulu shipper, Kirsten Storms, Briana Brown. So I've been thinking about Olivia Rose Keegan because if she and BB could get a scene together and pass a chemistry test I could be down for it. I really like Claire in her scenes with the family and Ben. Plus it would leave Tripp out in the cold. The two girls who used to fight over him fallen for the town's pariahs.
    Last edited by isa; December 10, 2018, 06:10 PM.
  • Chabby lover
    Contract Poster
    • Jun 2018
    • 2507

    I loved him and Kristen Storms together. I was never a Lulu and Johnny shipper though. I love Lulu with Dante. Brandon does seem to have the most chemistry with Blondes though.


    • abc_cbs_nbc
      abc_cbs_nbc commented
      Editing a comment
      I also love Lulu with Dante. As for BB, he's so charismatic and dynamic, he'd have chemistry with a piece of cardboard! :-0

    • dayzfan4life01
      dayzfan4life01 commented
      Editing a comment
      I was such a Maxie and Johnny shipper! Those two had chemistry off the charts! Could never stand LuLu.

    • VWD
      VWD commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes I was a huge Jomax fan as well. Still mad they didnt fully go there. But that chemistry carried over into real life lol.
  • Joluiscute
    Soap Addict
    • Dec 2007
    • 7205

    I am a huge Jolu and Jomax fan. I think BB is one of those actors who has chemistry with almost anyone.


    • CanaryFan98
      Executive Poster
      • Oct 2009
      • 3514

      ORK does kind of look like KS seeing Claire get taken in by an older man (and not someone that wanted Ciara first). Plus Shawn/Belle would flip along with Jarlena.

      I do want Claire to expand her circle of trouble...beyond the loft people.


      • tiff5555
        Aspiring soap scribe
        • Jul 2007
        • 61567

        Hmm...I rather want Claire with Xander Cook. Yeah, they are sort of related...but it's also a soap...


        • JackandJenfan
          Soap Addict
          • Jul 2018
          • 6225

          I hope they bring back Wyatt for Claire. Stefan is old enough not to be dating a 18 yr old. I don't mind age difference, but ORK looks young. I love Jolu! BB is a chem magnet.


          • CanaryFan98
            CanaryFan98 commented
            Editing a comment
            He's yet another guy that wanted Ciara first. I mean really I would like Claire to be established away from her aunt. I'd bring back Rory they can be the comedy relief duo this show needs plus he can help make JJ a stoner again that was so much fun.

          • JackandJenfan
            JackandJenfan commented
            Editing a comment
            CanaryFan98 They can bring in JT for Claire or even have Claire be bi and fall for Hayley.

          • CanaryFan98
            CanaryFan98 commented
            Editing a comment
            JackandJenfan I'd go for either of those its weird how JT is never mentioned....

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