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So when the secret's out will Mimi get to keep her baby?


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  • Bermudabeachbum
    Day Player
    • Aug 2005
    • 3849

    So when the secret's out will Mimi get to keep her baby?

    Aren't Bonnie and Mimi committing fraud? When it all comes out they are going to have Lucas and Rex furious at them. Rex will have a good case for sole custody. And couldn't Belle also get into trouble as an officer of the court for withholding pertinent information in a custody case if it goes to trial?
  • JMOM
    Senior Board Member
    • Nov 2013
    • 1803

    Yes, Belle could be disbarred for representing someone in a court of law that she knows is committing fraud. Belle knows Lucas isn't the child's father and Bonnie is not the child's mother. She would be responsible for bringing an entirely phony custody suit to the court. No judge would let her get away with that once the truth comes out. Maybe that's where they're heading. Maybe that's Belle's next storyline, that she gets disbarred.
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