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days live discussion 10/5/2018


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  • days live discussion 10/5/2018

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Kate in HTS & Roman comes over & says she's looking lonely; K tried to visit Mar but couldn't get in & was surprised Mar had energy for a marriage; Roman asks to sit w/K has a proposition; K invites him to sit w/her; Kayla sees Abby/Stef in waiting area; Abby takes Kay aside & tells her "I think I might be sick again"; Chad sees wig & assumes Gabby back; Jen enters house looking at mail & then sees one letter she opens right away-it's about her wedding to Eric that won't happen; Mag tells Eric she was lying & she knows where Nic is & think Eric deserves to know where Nic is; Lucas dragged Bonnie back to inter room after there was no baby where Bon brought him; L tells Bon now going back to jail; Chloe gives Eric/Mag privacy; Mag tells Eric had to lie due to promise to Nic; Mag says Vic told her truth about why Nic left; Mag tells Eric won't tell anyone what Nic did; Mag says clear to her Nic needs help & can only get it from Eric; Jen puts down invite to Doug's & Chad comes down the stairs & stows wig away & asks J where Abby is; Chad pulls out wig & shows Jen what he found-worried who Abby is; Roman tells Kate learned from source about her supporting Leo's phony case & that Stef has the photos to blackmail; K doesn't know how Roman could know until remembers finding Kayla in her room; K tells Roman that Kay was sent to spy by Stefan; Roman says Kayla feels bad about dragging Kate into mess w/Stef so wants to help her; ;Kayla asks Abby what's been happening; Abby talks about missing time, sending text to Stef, sleeping thru picnic; Kay says she was so sleepy when pregnant-tells Abby don't make conclusions; Stef offers to drive Abby hone when there's no doc to see her right now; Abby says no & leaves and Kayla tells Stef needs to talk to him NOW; Chad doesn't know how to explain Abby's DID being back; Jen/Chad concerned;

    Bon tells Lucas doesn't know why Baby wasn't where they went & begs to make call that will explain why didn't happen; Bonnie demands L leaves room; L says he'll be right outside; Bonnie makes call & says where the hell are you-produce baby pronto; Lucas calls Chloe on PD phone & tells Chloe there was no baby & doesn't know what Bon trying to pull but won't get away with it; Mag tells Eric that Nic renting Sarah Horton's place in Chicago while Sarah away; Eric takes address & bolts after quick hug w/Mag; Chloe asks Mag where Eric is; Mag says he went to find Nic; Mag asks Chloe about Lucas & baby; Bon erases contract & then gives back phone & says now they can go see baby for real; Roman tells Kate that Stef forced Kayla into getting blackmail info; Roman tells Kate that if they work together, they can bring down Stef; Kay tells Stef that she's done w/him now knows all Stef can do to destroy their lives; Kay remembers telling Roman all; Kayla tells Stef made deal w/him but restoring Steve's sight not worth being indebted to him; Kay says that she & Steve will survive this & Stef won't win; Chad tells Jen all that Abby's been doing; Jen wants Chad to go & Abby returns asking what's up w/Chad & J; Chad tells Abby he's worried about her; Jen shows Abby the wig that Chad found; Abby's eyes wide;

    Mag tells Chloe new low for Bonnie; Chloe tells Mag Lucas determined to find Baby; Chloe tells Mag she's worried about L & his sobriety-so stressful; Mag tells Chloe that L in good shape physically & psychologically & Chloe will be there for L & Mag will be there too;


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      Mag tells Chloe they knew Lucas is wonderful father & he'll rise to challenges; ;Bonnie brings L to apt & hears baby stashed in infant seat behind curtain; Chad tells Abby found wig in her room; Abby says not hers-Gabby didn't buy another wig; Abby learns Thomas w/Gabi; Chad says G worried too & that Stef told Gabi thought DID back too; Abby looks annoyed & ganged up on; Mag tells Chloe & Lucas working on their relationship again but sees concern in her eyes; Mag asks Chloe about taking on responsibility to L's baby; Chloe worried about Parker; Mag says P can learn to share & enjoy playing big brother; Chloe admits to Mag it's not about Parker & her reaction about baby Bon is selfish-the name Lockhart brings back negative & angry feelings cause of Mimi-she was awful to Chloe & doesn't want baby like her big sister; Mag says baby clean slate-will be loved by Chloe & Lucas; Mag tells Chloe that Mimi was like she was cause of bad childhood but won't be case w/Lucas as father of baby; Chloe agrees w/Mag & won't dwell on bad memories of terrible person; Mag & Chloe happily agree; Lucas takes baby; Lucas talks to baby & tells he'll change terrible name; Bon wants Lucas to go & he refuses w/out his daughter; Abby says can't trust anyone; Jen says they want to help; Ab upset Stef ran mouth to Gabi; Jen asks why that's prob; Abby tells Chad couldn't see Mar; Chad tells Ab first time sick after Thomas born & knows she's been stressed & is concerned & caring-trying to be supportive as Jen watches in background;

      Abby tells Chad she doesn't want anything to do w/Stef; Ch knows Gabby texted Stef; Ab sarcastic about good friend Gabi filling Ch in; Ch says just wants to help Ab; Roman tells Kate should trust him cause of their kids; Roman tells Kate knows what Stef has on her but wants to know what Stef has her doing for him; Ro talks about Leo & Ted both disappearing; K remembers conversations w/Stef about Ted; K tells Ro doesn't know anything about Ted; Ro tells K can't work w/her w/out honesty; Kate tells Roman then they can't work together; Bon tells Lucas no one said L can get custody; L starts taking baby & Bon wants to go but L says no; Bon slams door behind him; Bon tells Mimi she can come out now & Mimi asks her what the hell she just did; Bon tells Mimi she's sorry; Mimi upset Lucas left with her baby; Lucas at Doug's & brings Baby Bonnie to Mag & Chloe; Chl smiles at the baby; Roman starts to leave Kate but K tries to stop him & says it's risky for her-Stef could make her lose everything; Roman tells Kate if they work together they can bring down Stef; K shakes Ro's hand & seems ready to be honest; Stef tells Kayla that she still owes him; Kay tells Stef what would happen if Abby finds out about Stef's coercion;

      Stef encourages Kayla to be powerful but he has all the cards; Kay says she's champ at poker & would lay odds on herself; Stef tries not to be shaken after Kay leaves but clearly is; Jen tells Abby that she & Chad want to help her; Ab says not convinced Gabby back yet; Abby tells Chad what she's going thru is none of his, Stef's or anyone's business & marches upstairs-she'll go to Mar tomorrow; Eric in hall outside apt door & knocks; door opens & Eric/Nic are face-to-face - SHOW OVER


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