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Spoilers for the week of October 8th


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  • SPOILER! Spoilers for the week of October 8th

    Sami reunites with Marlena
    Kristen and Brady make love
    Lani and Sheila face off;
    John, Marlena, and Sami discover that Xander shot Marlena
    Stefan argues with Eve
    Hope apologies to Sami
    Sami pays Stefan off for info about EJ
    Kristen and Xander connect
    Hattie flirts with Roman
    Brady finds who he thinks is EJ

    Source: SOD

  • #2
    I wish Sami would not get involved with Stefan. He will take her money and stocks, and give her nothing but lies in return. That creep will only case more grief for Sami.
    Not surprised that Xander is on Kristen's payroll.
    I like Sami making peace with her mother & Hope.
    Brady finds EJ! Hurrah!!!!

    Chabby lover, thanks for posting.
    Last edited by CADY; October 5, 2018, 06:42 AM.


    • #3
      So Brady sleeps with Kristen after she tried to kill his step-mom, stole his child, raped his brother..yet Cabot forgive Eve lol wow..

      love that Sami and Brsdy find who they think is Ej..I hope Stefan isnt lying to her!

      I'm glad Hope finally decided to sit down and be humble and apologize for the way she treated Sami!


      • CADY
        CADY commented
        Editing a comment
        Brady follows Kristen to a secluded hospital, where she attends to a patient. That patient is EJ.

      • Flowercity79
        Flowercity79 commented
        Editing a comment
        CADY I am sooo happy! I wonder what is wrong with poor Ej though

    • #4
      I think Xander is working with Kristen ! How else would she have known what Brady did to Nicole ?


      • #5
        If the police had investigated the crime scene wouldn't they have been able to tell where the shooter was located based on where Marlena got shot?


        • #6
          Was Xander's target Marlena or someone else at the wedding? My guess is that she was the accidental recipient of the bullet & he was aiming for Sami.


          • Chabby lover
            Chabby lover commented
            Editing a comment
            Xander was aiming for Eric not Marlena or Sami

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