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Why and when did Brady become so unlikable


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  • Why and when did Brady become so unlikable

    I can't remember when Brady became so unlikable. At one time he was a nice decent guy. Now he is just bitter judgemental. Can anybody tell me when Brady changed and why. I can't remember thanks

  • #2
    For me he's been unlikeable since Arianna died. That was the last time I really liked Brady.


    • #3
      And even before Arianna for me. I can't remember the entire story but I seem to remember him hating Belle so much that he took her out to some train tracks and I think he wanted her to die but changed his mind at the last minute. Someone else may remember the details of that story.


      • Zach
        Zach commented
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        He never hated Belle. He always loved and protected her. The writing was terrible but Marlena thought Brady was trying to hurt her but it was all a misunderstanding.

      • Jj1701
        Jj1701 commented
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        Yes he and Belle were very close and he loved her. I actually loved Brady then when KL was in the role.

    • #4
      Around 2010 he was drinking heavily, being violent to Nicole (she was up to no good but still no excuse) and burying Vivian alive in a sarcophagus.

      His change in personality was striking, he’s never been the same since. The writers also distanced him from his Father and Marlena and had him heavily involved with The Kiriakis family. So much so that new viewers would have thought that Victor and Maggie were his parents.


      • #5
        And for all that complex history, he still doesn't seem very layered. He still comes off rather shallow and -- in emotional matters -- a victim of arrested development.

        Not always his fault. Theresa smashed his heart (whoever's) to atoms. He seemed ok before that; a good dad to Tate.

        But dumb as a stump. His mother's absence may have had a lot to do with him remaining a manchild.


        • Zach
          Zach commented
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          Brady did have a mother in Marlena. He doesn't even have that excuse.

        • Key
          Key commented
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          Yes indeed...he kinda borrowed the woman who built Sami and Eric.
          I love Marlena but if I were an orphan I'd go with the Raised By Wolves Plan.

      • #6
        Brady has been unlikeable ever since EM took over the role. He and Brady were so close to being a super couple but the writers never let it happen with EM. They just continue putting Brady in countless of failed relationships and he has had so many rounds with the same women but never with Chloe.


        • #7
          When they turned him into Brady Kiriakis. But they are correcting that and remembered that he is Brady Black. I didn't see him as judgemental today.


          • Samisbiggestfan
            Samisbiggestfan commented
            Editing a comment
            He started hanging with his grandfather ever since KL played him.

        • #8
          This is the first time I felt Brady was wrong. He's being very hard on Eve but on the other hand she was wrong to keep that kind of secret from him. I think he's more upset that she kept the secret that long instead of just confessing right away. I guess I just understand why he's so bitter. He's been a doormat for quite a while.


          • #9
            He wasn't completely dead to me until Bristen and the way he treated John and Marlena, and later Eric, in that story. And it's been worse and worse since then


            • #10
              He was pretty horrible to Marlena when Kyle played him.


              • #11
                When he put his hands on his own father in a violent attack over Kristen.

                Then he beat up Eric who was drugged and raped... then he mocked his Eric's claims that he didn't want to have sex with Kristen.

                But, when he came back as an addict who ruined his marriage to Chloe... he was clearly a different Brady and it all went downhill from there.


                • #12
                  I can't remember exactly when, but yes, Brady has gotten to be DRAINING. His character is always in a struggle over something and/or in a confrontation with someone. It's too much at this point. With all his money, he should have gotten on a plane to visit his son. I think the best pairing they can give him at this point would be Chloe or take him off screen for a while.


                  • #13
                    Back during Nicole's baby switch days, he was a really sweet friend to her. ....Totally likable.

                    ...But immediately after that storyline he just became this HUGE douche who is incapable of having rational conversations that are "difficult" without him flying off the handle.

                    He used to be forgiving and understanding/nonjudgmental. POLAR OPPOSITE now.


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