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What an Attractive Thought..(Harold)


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  • What an Attractive Thought..(Harold)

    It was so funny when Sami was telling Harold about EJ possibly being alive and if he came back with the kids they could get Stefan out of the mansion. Love Harold!

  • #2
    That was funny! Harold isn't a very good liar, either. It was written all over his face when he told Stefan nothing was going on.

    I'd love Harold and Henderson to get together and swap mansion stories. Oh, the secrets they could tell!


    • magoo1000
      magoo1000 commented
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      Yep July, I love both Harold & Henderson!

  • #3
    Wonderful to see Harold. These seldom seen characters add so much to the show! And wouldn't you know, he doesn't like Stefan, but, then, who does.


    • #4
      Yes, it was good to see Harold again. Also surprised that Harold doesn't like Stefan, he has always kind of liked Sami though..


      • #5
        I loved the scenes between Harold & Sami. It was like old times again, when Sami lived at the mansion. Harold always liked Sami, because she never treated him like a servant.


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