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  • Jennifer/Eric/Brady/Eve...Nicole

    I am loving this storyline. Seeing the scenes of Jennifer and Eric juxtaposed to the Brady and Eve scenes made for a great Monday. I really was transfixed seeing Jennifer struggle to confess what she knew to Eric. Both actors were on top of their game as the confession was brought to light. I like the fact that Jennifer ultimately did the right thing; the reveal wasn't all about Eric stumbling on the truth. I also enjoyed the scenes where the stakes were raised when Brady got a phone call from Theresa threatening to keep Tate away from Brady. I'm excited about the remainder of the week until Nicole appears back on the canvas.
    This is a well written storyline. It will be great to see the unraveling of Brady and Eric again just as they mended fences.

  • #2
    Finally Eric knows!!!! Well played by both actors. I was heartbroken for both characters....even though i am not a Jen/Eric fan. I too wonder what this will mean now for Eric and Nicole. I loved them together but i do not want to lose the character of Eric and Nicole is not staying so they cannot put them back together. I guess we will have to see where this goes!


    • CanaryFan98
      CanaryFan98 commented
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      I think Ericole will get closure and Eric will move on to someone else (not Jennifer)

  • #3
    I agree with you backheidi. Regardless if you were fan of Jennifer and Eric or not, you can't help but feel for both of them. I truly felt for Jennifer. She deserves love and has been through her share of heartache. She always knew in her heart that she was a second choice for Eric, but was hoping her love could be enough for both of them. That subtext is hard to play, but her scenes with Eve revealed her true fears of losing Eric. Missy Reeves did a great job of conveying heartache and heartbreak... No one wants to be a second choice especially when you have loved someone for so long.


    • #4
      I missed the weeks leading up to this story and was wondering what exactly happened. Why did Eve tell Jen Brady's secret about Nicole? Also why did Eve keep making Jen feel guilty about keeping a secret from Eric when she was the one that didn't want her to tell him? Also I read somewhere that Jen knows Eve is the one that planted the drugs in JJ's apartment so why did Jen not tell Brady about this? I'm actually very into the story I just wish I knew all that happened to lead up to this!


      • Chabby lover
        Chabby lover commented
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        Eve told Jen Brady secret to keep her from telling Brady about playing those drugs thinking if she didn't want to lose Eric then she won't tell Brady the truth. So she reminded her over and over to keep her mouth shut so she didn't ruin both of their relationships so Jen won't talk she just didn't realize Jen is not the type to keep this kind of secret and would eventually talk

      • Melfire81
        Melfire81 commented
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        After all these years Eve hasn't realized Jen usually is guilted into doing the right thing for the most part unless it effects her kids?! That was a stupid plan on Eve's part!

    • #5
      Here's where I see this going...Brady and Chloe. As far as Eve, she has nowhere left to go except out of Salem. Jen will get back together with Jack. As far as Eric, possibly Jordan (Ben's sister).


      • Santorini99
        Santorini99 commented
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        I was wondering if Eric would end up with the soon to arrive Sarah Horton.

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