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Hattie In Love Again???


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  • Hattie In Love Again???

    It sounds like Hattie may have dropped Roman and now wants John...don't you think? She wants to get married!

  • #2
    Yes, l do think. The look on Hattie's face when she realized she could actually marry John Black was priceless, what a great bit of acting.


    • #3
      Pointless story. Even if she marries John as Marlena...it won't be legal.


      • #4
        John: Marlena, I am soo happy that you are awake! I miss you, baby!

        (That was the real Marlena that John was talking too)

        Hattie: Um, John, why are you with her? You should be with me! We are married!

        Clementine15 yeah! Hattie loves the idea of being with a man and in love. She thought this was the perfect opportunity, lol! Can't wait to see this story!


        • #5
          Hattie sees dollar signs and an escape from prison. John's been through this storyline before only he was unknowingly marrying Susan thinking it was Kristen at the Elvis wedding years ago.


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