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days live discussion 9/21/2018


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  • days live discussion 9/21/2018

    what do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Lucas is at K-mans- Adrienne opens door & thinks he's there for Ari but L says there to talk to Adrienne; L tells Ad she looks great & she says the same & talk about how great Will got memory back; L says could use her help about something else; Chloe brought Brady cookies to help him feels better-knows rough time; Chloe tells Brady knows how it is to be in hospital & not know about future when they talk about Paul; Brady knows there's more than just a chat Chloe wants; Chloe wants relationship advice; Jen on phone w/Eric learning Mar going to make a full recovery; Eric willing to finally leave hospital to get rest & wants to stop by Jen's & she says sure-hangs up; Eve at Jen's door; Jen tells Eve going to tell Eric the truth; Eve says "no, Jennifer, you're not"; Belle at hospital w/Eric & she's surprised Mar woke as soon as ventilator turned off; John at Mar's bedside talking to Mar & Kayla tells J no change-tried to ween off vent, but not ready yet; J/Kay say Roman will have to work on keeping rest of family away from Hattie; Hattie tells Roman upset about food & being confined in a bed without a cute guy; Hattie tells Roman better get her out soon or she'll tell all who she is & that Roman & John are bigger criminals than her; Kayla tells John can't keep in hospital long cause someone will notice she's healthy; J doesn't want Hattie parading around as Mar--too dangerous; Kayla/John Mar comes back SOON; Roman calls Hattie about all her threats; Roman tells Hattie she has to convince Mar's kids that she's their mother; Hattie says can't do best acting when hungry-wants a Brady pub burger; Roman agrees & as he leaves Hattie wants fries too; Roman runs into Belle w/flowers; Roman tells Belle that Mar too tired-shouldn't go in; Belle asks why not;

    Eve tells Jen that she's too chicken to tell Eric the truth; Eve tells Jen best for Eric for J to "woman up" & keep mouth shut; J tells Eve she's just worried about herself; J blasts Eve for orchestrating Brady losing custody & she's going tell truth to Eric; Chloe tells Brady she wants to give Lucas support he needs & knows Brady sober w/support of Eve; Chloe tells Brady about baby; Brady says "I'm still stuck at Bonnie had a baby"; Brady sees why Chloe concerned & Chloe says concerned about L and herself; Lucas tells Adrienne wants her to drop charges against Bonnie; Adrienne stares at L; John tells Kayla doesn't know how to repay Kayla-knows it can cost her career; Kayla says she knew the risks & loves Mar too; Roman tells Belle he'd hate for her to wake Mar; Belle says won't be long but needs to hear from Mar that she didn't want to kill her & goes right into room w/the flowers; Brady asks Chloe if she & Lucas having probs over the baby; Chloe says no but this kid isn't what she signed up for & Parker having trouble lately & bringing in another baby w//Bonnie as Parent could be too much; L tells Adrienne the whole story & Adrienne seems pretty overwhelmed; Lucas tells Adrienne about Bonnie's threats; Kayla & John talk about people can't find out Mar//Hat switch; Roman shows & says they have a prob; Belle in w/Hat; Hattie asks Belle if it's the "Sorry, I almost killed my mom bouquet"; Hattie being very nasty w/Belle;

    Hattie tells Belle to bring gladiolas-her fave flower; Belle says her fave flower something else & asks what's wrong w/her;


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      Roman finishes tell Kayla/John that Belle w/Hattie; J runs to go sit by "Mar's" side again; Roman tells Kay they're living on borrowed time-Hattie tossing around threats; Kay hopes they pull this off; Roman/Kayla says if found out-all in trouble & will lose their dear friend; Hattie sneezes when smells flowers & tells Belle to take her guilty flowers away; Hattie says 1 daughter shoots her & 1 daughter tries to pull the plug; Hattie accuses Belle of wanting her money & tells her she's not getting "red dime" or even "red cent" from her; Lucas tells Adrienne that Bonnie would be eligible for early release if Adrienne drops current charges; Adrienne doesn't like this all in her hands; Chloe upset since Bonnie reason Lucas fell off wagon last time; Brady says he'll help L & take him to a meeting, etc; Brady talks about Kristen kidnapping Eve & his fault cause didn't stay away from Kristen--Brady says he's been involved w/one train wreck after another; Chloe says who would've guessed Eve would be the stable one; Brady says true love w/Eve; Chloe says Eve lucky woman; Brady says he's lucky; Eve tells Jen she'll just be unburdening herself to relieve guilt; Eve starts talking about how long it took Eric/Brady to come together again; after badgering Jen continually, she agrees not to tell Eric cause it won't do any good; Eve thrilled w/Jen's decision & quickly leaves the house;

      Hattie yelling at Belle to get out & John comes in and asks what's going on here; Eric/Jen kissing--they're alone; Eric tells Jennifer know s she has something important to tell him but first he starts kissing Jennifer; J's facial expression showing mixed emotions; Eve back at Inn w/Brady; Br says Paul tired from PT so not visiting him; Br says Eve looks happy after her errand; Eve happy for having Br & they start to kiss; Adrienne tells Lucas won't feel safe w/Bon on streets; L tells Ad this would be time for us to even up;Lucas begs Adrienne & says for the baby; Ad says has had nightmares "this is not playing fair"; L says he knows but asks if she'll help him & his daughter; Roman sitting w/Mar, asks Kayla if thinks ever come out of this; Kay doesn't know but glad they're trying save her-world better place w/Mar; Belle tells John that Mar wants her out of room; J tries to get Hat to go along w/forgiveness; Hat says didn't think about what she was giving up w/signing those papers-losing kids & John--they have group hug & J & Hat clearly NOT on same page;

      Lucas back at Doug's & tells Chloe that it wasn't easy but got Adrienne to drop charges & he gets to father the baby; Ch looks like has mixed emotions; Brady tells Eve wants Ch/L to be as happy as they are; Br tells Eve never felt closer to her; Eve says could be closer; Jen tells Eric has to tell him something--it's hard & she's been avoiding it for long time; J tells Er she's been lying to him & time he knows truth; Er looks at J w/concern; J thanks "Doc" & is past the misunderstanding; Hat says hoping for burger & friends but waylaid; Hat talks about wanting to kiss John-should've been on honeymoon-wants kiss-doesn't want to wait-wants to get married right now; Belle smiles; John smiles REALLY AWKWARDLY--SHOW OVER


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