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Hearing Lucas talk about Baby Bonnie and Big Bonnie is making me howl!


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  • Hearing Lucas talk about Baby Bonnie and Big Bonnie is making me howl!

    I have to say I love this storyline. My only wish is that they wrote Bonnie as a little more likeable. Was she always this awful? I missed the years when the character was originally on.

  • #2
    Don't think she was ever likeable, tho l didn't watch her back when.. BTW, l am calling the baby Bubbles until they name her something different.


    • #3
      I never thought Bonnie was likeable either, right from her first episode she was too too much. But at least right now she has something significant to fight for - her freedom, and she's doing what she thinks she has to do to get out of jail. I still don't see how Lucas is going to be able to get Bonnie out of jail when she still has time to serve on her sentence and escaped from prison.


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