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Poor Kayla!!!


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  • Poor Kayla!!!

    Poor Kayla!!! She has no one to lean on, like Cat women said! .....And I feel this story has no purpose if there is no Steve! I look at them currently as the face of Days! The ratings were up because of him! If there is no Steve, the ratings will never be up.

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    Thank you for that.

    I have no idea about the ratings, a lot of things affect ratings, but I want the show to do well.

    I feel like today when Roman told Kayla "don't worry Steve will be back real soon", was probably about the time the show was lying to SN's and telling him he'd be back in 4-12 weeks. It's all so ridiculous, what are they suppose to do now, are they going to keep splicing in scenes of a Roman and Kayla talking about Steve? Are we never going to have Tripp, Adrienne or even Hope acknowledge Steve's absence. Really how long can Kayla keep this up?

    This show can't help but paint themselves in a corner, and Abby and Stefan can vouch for that.

    Last edited by Cat women; September 21, 2018, 04:50 PM.


    • tiff5555
      tiff5555 commented
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      You are welcome! Had to give you credit! Yes on how the factors of the ratings....maybe Days will get the actor back...probably for the summer, or fall. The 55th Anniversary next year is around the corner! Days should celebrate that!

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    Love my girl Kayla. Stink on Steve's arrest!! Get it done, Captain Donovan!!


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      Trying to figure out where all of this is going for Kayla. Honestly, it seems she is being set up by the writers to be fired. Especially this stunt with marlena? And they do keep mentioning steve yet i have read nothing about him coming back.


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        I feel no sympathy for Kayla. Can I post this in this thread? It is completely opposite to the initial post above. I was so disgusted by her actions in this Marlena switch -- doesn't she have some moral obligations as a doctor to respect a Do not Resuscitate document? That just jumped the shark for me today, for her character. Come on, she is supposed to be a respected doctor. Even if you take out the respected part, I cannot imagine any doctor scheming with a family to support them going against a DNR. Maybe I am taking this too personally, but that was really too much for me. Have I said that already? I can deal with demon possessions, planting evidence, baby stealing, but not this! I guess everyone has to draw the line somewhere. The only thing that remotely makes sense to me, is as mentioned above, that this leads to her getting fired from the hospital, and she then leaves Salem. thanks for letting me vent.


        • Cat women
          Cat women commented
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          You can't turn around in Salem without bumping into 10 people who've committed worse crimes. Hope and Rafe are running the police department, Kate "killled" Vivian, Ben is a serial killer..........(I'm proud of myself, I didn't even mention Tripp )

          Besides this is totally in keeping with her character. she wants to help John and Marlena even if she ends up getting hurt.

          Kayla helping John and Marlena annoys me too, but for different reasons.
          Last edited by Cat women; September 18, 2018, 08:06 PM.

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        Crossing my fingers that Steve will be back next year! Sad he did not helped with Roman with Hattie...


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