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Days live discussion 9/18/2018


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  • Days live discussion 9/18/2018

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Hope asks Rafe if thinks Planted evidence; R tells H why thinks possibility; R says evidence looks a little convenient; Ciara walks in on Claire kissing Tripp & asks "am I interrupting"; Belle catches up w/Shawn in HTS & she tells him Mar woke up; Roman meets w/Kayla at park bench & Kay fills him in; Roman says plan worked; Kay says thanks to Hattie; Hat being nasty w/John; J says be more like Mar-was too harsh w/Sami-Belle; John tells Hattie that all will see thru her if not careful; Hat wants J to show appreciation since needs her help; J tells Hattie stakes are sky high; J tries to tell Hattie that all will be come suspicious if she's not playing part; new flashbacks; Hattie saw Roman at prison office-tells her needs to talk to her about something important; Roman told Hattie it's about her taking Mar's place again; Hattie was moved by Roman's story; Hattie says life & guilt are complicated; J asks Hattie about guilt; Hattie tells John she felt bad about John and Marlena nearly getting brains zapped & says maybe now she'll get some karma back; J asks Hattie if can depend on her; Hattie says she's dependable & they do a spit handshake to agree-both grossed out; Tripp tells Ciara not what it looks like; Claire tells Ciara the good news & told Tripp & got carried away; Ciara tells Claire to go splash water on her face; Ciara calls Tripp about being willing participant in Claire's kiss; Tripp says wouldn't have happened if she was there;

    Hope/Rafe in inter room; Rafe calls Hope on making her luck & reminds her she's broken law before; ;Belle tells Shawn what happened & that Mar woke when Belle/Sami were arguing; ;Belle tells Shawn she's a horrible daughter-she didn't have faith or hope-says she gave up while all rest didn't; John using hand sanitizer; Hattie tells J decided to save the day cause no other reason could get out; Roman told Hattie that he told warden a story about Hattie being a snitch on Bonnie & warden issued paperwork to get Hattie transferred; Hattie seems happy w/Roman's plan; Hattie says she's hungry & bed comfortable but food bad; Hattie asks John when her loving husband-to-be will take her back to their "love nest"; John looks at Hattie; Ciara tells Tripp she went to help Ben; Ciara tells Tripp she finally saw the truth-didn't want to believe Hope found evidence but it was solid-Ben couldn't spin it; Ciara tells Tripp she didn't believe when B says H framed him; Ciara believes print proves B guilty; Rafe reminds Hope what was done to frame someone involving Stefano murder; H says not desperate enough to repeat same mistakes she made w/Stef; R says he loved H & she can tell him if planted evidence; Kayla/Roman-sit on bench-can't believe pulled this off; Flashback of John/Kay moving Mar to private place in hospital

    Kay was nervous would run into someone; Kay says wants Mar to live; Roman glad Mar safe & alive; Kay says Mar still on ventilator; Roman tells Kayla they still pray; John had left family in chapel & due to cameras turned off only had 5 minute window; Ciara tells Tripp that Ben played her; Tripp tells Ciara she has a big heart & Ben manipulated her; Ciara tells Tripp owes him apology for not trusting him; Ciara talks about falling for all Ben did & bringing B into their home-asks Tripp for his forgiveness;


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      Hope tells Rafe she didn't plant the evidence-wants R to believe it; R says just wants to help H; H says didn't do anything wrong; H says maybe good time to talk about R sneaking Sami out-broke rules; H tells R there was procedure could've followed; R says wasn't time; Roman tells Kayla need to pray to help get guidance how to keep Hat in line; Roman pushed Hat in linen laundry cart; Hat fluffs pillow before getting into bed while Ro wants her to move; Ro confirms w/Hat that she knows what to do; Roman tells Kayla had hard time getting Hat to stay focused on what she was supposed to do; Ro talks about having trouble keeping her on task; Hat tells John wants something from pub & wants "a cup of hot steaming Roman" too; J looks at Hat like she's nuts; Shawn tells Belle it doesn't make sense for Mar to be angry since she wrote directive; Sh tells Be good news-Ben in jail where he belongs; Tripp tells Ciara nothing to forgive-doesn't want her to be sorry for being who she is; Tripp goes to kiss Ciara and she asks wouldn't you rather kiss Claire; Rafe tells Hope sorry hurt her by sleeping w/Sami-thought they were passed this; H says hard to move on when R keeps doing things for Sami; Kayla tells Roman have to go back to hospital and feels good helping John/Mar; Ro says Shane helping her reunite w/Steve; Ro/Kay hug; J tells Hat he'll get her stuff anything at pub when timing right--that's on the menu; J tells Hat they have to proceed carefully; John tells Hat they'll get her back to the prison in time before she's really missed; Hat asks J what if Mar doesn't recover-hospital didn't think she would;

      John tells Hat that has no doubt Doc coming back to him; Kayla/Roman enter the hospital room; Hat happy to see Ro; Kay tells Hat they're thankful; Hat asks if thankful enough for pudding cups & steak; Kay says she'll see what she should do; Kay going to see Mar; Roman tells John go see Mar quickly; Roman left w/Hat; Hat asks Ro to lay beside her & keep her warm; Ro smirking at Hat; Ciara tells Tripp a hug would've been enough w/Claire & he lets her; Tr tells Ci wants to be just friends w/Cl; Ci tells Tr to stop sending Cl signals; Tripp tells Ciara only wants her especially now that Ben not in their lives-they kiss; Shawn tells Belle what Ben accusing Hope of doing; Sh concerned he pushed too hard that H crossed a line in desperation; R/H arguing about Sami-H says R never gives her benefit;Tripp tells Ciara only wants her especially now that Ben not in their lives-they kiss; Shawn tells Belle what Ben accusing Hope of doing; Sh concerned he pushed too hard that H crossed a line in desperation; R/H arguing about Sami-H says R never gives her benefit; Hope accuses Rafe of being under Sami's spell; R says made a judgement call-Sa was never flight risk; H calls R about being knocked out by Sa; R asks "Commissioner" if she's going to suspend or fire him;

      Rafe tells Hope to punish him-go for it; Hope says her first priority is finding Kristin & making sure Ben's case sticks; H says Ben won't get near Ciara & Claire again-"not in my life time"; R caresses H's hair/cheek & she takes evidence & leaves inter rm; Tripp wants to get to their binge fest & snacks; Ciara says yes but first needs to move bike so doesn't get ticket; Claire comes out of room & apologizes for kissing; Tr tells Cl that Ci done w/Ben; Cl says that's great if it's true; Tr says it is true-Ci believes evidence; Claire tells Tripp she hopes he's not the one being played-Tr looks concerned; Belle tells Shawn that Hope wouldn't plant evidence & glad they got 2 miracles today; Sh glad Ben not living with girls anymore; Sh wants to go to Inn w/Belle; Belle wants to go make things right w/Mar; Roman tells Hat to cover herself better; Hat says body heat is better but she has her pride & won't insist; Hat asks Ro about Abby killing Andre-says he deserved to die-should thank Abby; Roman tells Hat that Mar wouldn't do the things she's talking about; Kayla/John in isolated part of hospital & Mar still in coma; Kay says whole wing being renovated & whole floor empty; Kay says she'll keep Mar comfortable;John touches Mar's hand & says couldn't let her go-wants Mar to find way back to them; Kayla reminds J that might not be possible; J says he knows but for him & Mar secret is to never give up - SHOW OVER


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        Roman and Kayla are in on it!


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