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Victoria Konefal (Ciara) in Lifetime mvoie


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  • Victoria Konefal (Ciara) in Lifetime mvoie

    Last night I was watching Lifetime movie network and saw a preview for the next movie while I was watching another movie e I had planned to watch it and thought the girl in the movie looked an awful lot like Victora(apogoies if I mispelled her last name) t was her as I found when the opening credits ran although her name wasn't first probably because the first name was a better known actress but Victoria did play a large part in the movie , The Wrong Crush..It came out in 2017 but it was interesting to see her, and i almost didn't watch it because it wasn't a thriller but it sorta was, but i did watch it mainly for her since the movie wouldn't have been made without her character

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    I saw it! It was pretty good. Victoria was good in it and was the featured, major role in it. The other ladies did get top billing because of their prior notoriety and experience, at least moreso than Victoria's. Vivica A. Fox and Leslie Kay played Victoria's character's mother, but yep, the movie did focus more on Victoria's character.


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      Thanks for the heads up, i'll definitely watch


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        The movie is called The Wrong Crush.

        I saw it too and I liked her way more in this movie than I do as Ciara.


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          Does anyone know if it will air again? I would love to see it.


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            You might find it OnDemand, I don't see it scheduled again for this month. RSW's movie Stalked By a Reality Star is airing again on Sept 27th at 6 PM on Lifetime.


            • LizWebberFan
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              Got it. Thanks.

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