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Eric grew up away


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  • Eric grew up away

    Despite Eric talking about his childhood with Marlena. He grew up off the show. It was said he was Marlena's parents in Colorado. When they brought Sami in as a teenager he was still in Colorado.

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    Well, yes and no. Eric and Sami were born in October of 1984. Marlena "died in 1987 when they were not quiet 3, and then she cam back in min 1991 when they were 6. Eric and Sami were sent to live in Colorado in 1992 when they would have been 7 or 8 and then a few months later in January 1993, Sami return as a 15 year old. Eric remained in Colorado until 1997. So Eric was raised by Marlena for the first three years of his life, and the for a least a year while in grade school. The questions is, was he in Colorado for 5 years from age 14-19 or was he there from age 8 to 19?


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      Didn't John raise both of them for a while when he thought he was Roman?


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        Yes. During the years Marlena was "dead", John was their sole parent. He raised them from the age of 2 (initially with Marlena) until the age 7 when Roman returned.

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      what's even funnier...I don't think the Jensen Ackles version of Eric EVER interacted with his half sister Belle or step-brother Brady. Although I think he did discuss Brady with Isabella's ghost when he was leaving.


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