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Days live discussion 9/13/2018


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  • Days live discussion 9/13/2018

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Ciara writing in a notebook at loft-gets call from Tripp who's at work; Ciara was doing math & frustrated; Tripp going to bring home dessert & they can watch TV together; Ben walks into loft & Ciara startled; B has scarf in his hands & has surprise for her; Shawn complains to Hope about Ben still on loose; H says going to take time-doing everything she can; Rafe in inter room w/Sami; Judge told Sami she was flight risk & won't give bail; Sami thinks EJ alive & wants to find Kristen; Sami asks Rafe for Mar updates; Rafe tells Sami that Mar had setback & it doesn't look good; Sami shocked; John gets off w/Justin; Belle asks John not to fight hospital on this; Belle tries to reason w/J about Mar's wishes; John says Ju going try save Mar; John tells Belle she's not trying save Mar; Belle tells John it's about honoring what Mar wants; Belle tells John completely heartbroken; John tells "Isabella" doesn't give damn whether hurting her feelings but only interested in saving Mar's life; Eric tells John need to do what's best for Mar; John tells Belle to go; Eric tells Belle he'll let her know if there's change; Belle leaves, crying, as is John; Hope tells Shawn she's gone over Ben's case but no evidence connecting him to fire; H says trying to protect Ciara; Hope hugs Shawn & says one way or another she'll get Ben out of their lives & off the streets; Sami asks Rafe how bad Mar's setback is; Rafe tells Sami about ventilator; Sami says that's how she'll get better; Rafe says docs aren't hopeful; Sami says because of me; Sami says to Rafe why didn't I put down the gun-starts crying & Rafe comforts her & she falls apart; Hope enters Inter room; Tripp cleaning table; Claire limping-Tripp helps her to table;

    Claire glad she got off easy; Tripp asks about Mar; Claire says she & Shawn going to visit Mar; Claire asks Tripp if he can hang out until Shawn arrives; Tripp says he was going to hang out w/Ciara now that shift ending; Claire tells Tripp that since Kristen grabbed her she gets nervous; Tripp says he'll wait until Shawn arrives; Ben sees the scarf & realizes Ciara freaked about the scarf; Ben says was going to blindfold & take her somewhere for surprise; Ciara apologizes; Ben asks if can go with him; Ciara tells Ben waiting for Tripp; Tripp texts Ciara & now she has time to go; Hope tells Sami she's really sorry-spoke to John; H comments on Sami's change of clothes; Rafe had brought them for her bail hearing; Sami angry H not finding Kristen; Sami says Kristen responsible for Mar's condition; Hope says technically...; Sami angry; Rafe says he'll talk w/Sami alone; John w/Justin at hospital & starts to read papers; Eric shows, & tells John privately that Roman learned Kayla filled in administration; John tells Justin; Tripp puts ice pack on Claire's ankle; Claire tells Tripp too bad gave up on medicine; Claire mentions Ben good roommate-always fills ice tray-likes when he walks around w/just towel; Claire starts babbling-finally asks Tripp if thinks Ciara has feelings for Ben; Claire says always there for Tripp; Shawn shows at HTS & sits w/Claire; Tripp leaves; Shawn recognizes that Claire might be crushing over Ciara's BF & calls her on it; Ben brings Ciara to her dad's bike-he repaired it completely; Ciara over the moon "you're like a miracle worker"-asks Ben why went thru the trouble;

    Ben tells Ciara for all she's done for him-for her kindness; Ciara hugs Ben for doing this-feels like part of her dad back; Rafe steps into PD room-gets look from Hope; Rafe tells Hope that Sami worried about Mar; H says "poor Sami" somewhat sarcastically; Eric runs into PD & is allowed to go talk to Sami; Rafe wants to support H & back; H clearly sarcastic; Sami asks Eric about Mar still fighting; Eric starts to tell Sami about the documents; Eric tells Sami about the documents & the hospital has to take her off the ventilator; Justin tells John it's not going to be easy w/the paperwork in order; John asks Justin to override papers; Justin reminds John not even Mar's legal husband; Justin going to ask to buy time w/hospital; Justin goes to talk to admin while John clearly frightened;


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      Tripp home w/cake & no one there-called for Ciara; Ciara pulls back & apologizes for getting emotional; Ben says nothing to say sorry for; Ciara says fixing Bo's bike sweetest thing anyone's done for her; B wipes a little smudge of grease from Ciara's face; Before going back to loft, Ben asks t take Bike for test drive & Ciara will drive-she's all in; Rafe tells Hope on her side but maybe she can have a little compassion; H seems cold w/out time to discuss-2 psychos on loose & she'll get Weston by end of day; Hope doesn't want Rafe to go w/her-going to get Ben by end of day; Sami tells Eric have to fight papers somehow; Eric tells Sami about Justin helping & reminds John not her husband; Sami learns Belle heath Proxy; Eric tells Sami that Belle wants abide by Mar's wishes; Sami floored; Claire tells Shawn she completely respects that Tripp w/Ciara; Claire says that she & Ciara are completely drama-free now; Belle finds Shawn & Claire in HTS & tells them things don't look good for Mar & she may have made things worse; Ciara & Ben enter loft laughing about Ciara nearly killing a squirrel; Ciara tells Tripp what B did; B goes to change-knows they have plans-thanks Ciara for ride; Ciara ready to watch TV; Tripp acting about B's arms around Ciara on bike; Ciara calls Tripp on being jealous; Sami tells Eric to tell Belle if Mar dies off ventilator, she would have murdered her own mother; Belle tells Shawn/Claire what she did-Shawn supportive; Belle knows consequences of her actions & tells them John so mad; Claire says doesn't blame John;

      John looking at pic of Mar on phone; Justin shows-he doesn't look like he was successful as approaches John; Tripp tells Ciara he is jealous; Tripp says Ben trying make play for her; Ciara says Ben appreciates her; Ciara assures Tripp she's with him & kisses Tripp-Ben sees; Rafe tells Eric so sad about Mar; Eric thanks Rafe for looking out for Sami; R tells Eric his heart breaks for Sami & all who love Mar; Rafe offers Eric his support; Eric leaves PD; Claire calls Belle about her actions; Claire doesn't accept Belle's explanations. although trying; Shawn tells Claire, Belle needs her support--all weepy together; John wants Justin to give him good news; Justin says "I'm sorry, John"; John asks Justin about meeting w/board himself; Justin says hospital bound by directive; John upset "I just want to keep her alive"; John learns the hospital wants to remove ventilator today; Eric shows & asks Justin about the rush; Justin says hospital doing all to cover their asses; Eric asks John if he'll be okay for a few minutes; John hugs Eric; John tells Justin there's got to be something to do; Belle tells Claire maybe John will find way to stop directive; Shawn gets to table-tells Belle Eric called w/decision about Mar; Rafe tells Sami that Justin couldn't stop board-they're taking Mar off ventilator; Ben walks across room-tells Tripp/Ciara heading out since looks like they want to be alone;

      Hope at door & says new evidence came to light & arrests Ben for attempted murder of Ciara--SHOW OVER


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        This is a dream to me, I don't care. Cierra is MAD and the way Claire accepts ben damn!!
        As in they are dreaming in salem WAKE UP.


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          is Marlena going to die? do you think


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            Chabby lover
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            No I don't think she is going to die at all. It does sound like it is just drama and angst but from what I am reading I think John and Roman are about to do something to stop them that could also be illegal.

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