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Who was the 1986 Hospital Rapist?


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  • Who was the 1986 Hospital Rapist?

    I was watching old episodes from early 1986 where there was a rapist in the hospital, and was actually one of John Blacks first storylines as he was involved with finding the perp. I dont have the later episodes to find out who it was, hoping someone could tell me the identity.

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    Was 6 years old kid...didn't know there was more rapists on Days...would like to know too.


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      Some guy named Ian. He raped Maggie and tried to rape then 15-year-old Jennifer as well


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        It's too bad we can't utilize Youtube to watch specific clips.
        A profile of the Days of our Lives character Ian Griffith, part of soapcentral.com's Who's Who in Salem section.
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