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Arguing in front of someone on life support??


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  • Arguing in front of someone on life support??

    I thought it was poor taste to have everyone debating Marlena's life and death right in front of her comatose body. They say when people are in a coma they sometimes are aware of voices and people around them. Not sure if it would be the same with Marlena but if I was her and heard this, I would likely not want to wake up because of all the in-fighting. Could they have not gone to another area of the hospital and hash out their concerns. Anyone else feel the same about this lack of decency?

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    I like seeing everyone's raw emotions, none of them are acting on their best behavior, that's what makes it feel so real. Still someone could have suggested taking it outside.
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      Yeah, I didn't care for that either. I know emotions are high right now, but they could have stepped outside the room to have their discussion.


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