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days live discussion 9/12/2018


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  • days live discussion 9/12/2018

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Eve/Brady in their room talking about Paul being paralyzed-both so upset; Brady worried P won't get thru w/this since Will got his memory back; Brady tells Eve that W wants to be w/Sonny again; W asks Sonny what he means about this being the end for them; Will tells Sonny being together doesn't have to change; Sonny says W can't leave Paul now & he thinks W really doesn't want to leave P now either; Jen tries to tell Eric keeps looking for right time to tell him something-never is so time has to be now; John enters Mar's room & Roman asks how Paul is; J tells Roman that specialist for Mar not offering much hope; J tells Roman thanks to their daughter Doc run out of time; Belle gives Kayla the document; Kay tells Belle that Mar already on ventilator; Belle says they need to change that; John tells Roman about Mar's document's instructions; J upset that Belle calling the shots; Roman tells J to talk to Belle; J says Belle went all "lawyer" on him; J clearly angry; Belle tells Kayla not blaming anyone-no one knew document existed; Kayla talks to Belle about the document; Belle tells Kayla that John furious at her; Lucas w/Chloe at Doug's & tells Chloe that Bonnie wanted L to help her stay out of prison-tells Chloe about baby; Will & Sonny sit on bench-W realizes he can't abandon Paul now; Sonny understands & reiterates loves W but P needs him more than Sonny does; W tells Sonny he's right; W tells Sonny about P's look when told him got memories back; Will tells Sonny no matter what costs them Paul deserves what's best; Eric tells Jen can't focus on anything & asks if it can wait-Eric just needs Jen; Jen says of course & Eric/Jen hold each other; Roman tells John this is beyond difficult; John upset about choice Mar made-knows there's hope; Roman doesn't know what to think but says imp to respect Mar's wishes; J says to Ro his daughter put Doc in that Ben and now R wants to finish her off; Ro stares;

    Belle tells Kayla she feels guilty-she pushed idea on Mar in first place-thought she was being practical & mature & now hates the document; Kay asks Belle who rest of fam feels; Belle says Eric supports Belle's decision; Belle says Sami doesn't know yet "thank god" & John wanted to tear it up; Belle asks Kayla how long Mar could be likes this if hooked up to machines-Belle asks if Mar could spend rest of life like that; Kay says "yes"; Lucas admits slept w/Bonnie & tells Chloe how he slept with her; Chloe says this is crap; L tells Chloe all he remembered when slept with Bonnie, thinking it was Adrienne when he was drunk; L tells Chloe about seeing "Baby Bonnie"; Eve tells Brady Kristen should be suffering, not Paul; Brady tells Eve that Kristen didn't destroy them & apologizes-says would never have actually slept w/Kristen; Eve tells Brady she trusts him; Brady says he trust Eve too; Eve/Brady says ILY to each other & kiss; Roman tells John was w/Sami at PD & she's beside herself; J starts blasting Roman; Roman tells J to stop blaming other people; J looks like he might strike Roman-Roman continues to look J in the eyes; Kayla tells Belle has to turn document into board; Belle understands consequences; Kayla tells Belle if board never sees it...hands Belle the document; Kayla says "you choose";

    Roman tells John sorry upset him & says those who love Mar-their hearts are breaking for Mar & him; Roman tells John that with Mar on this-Mar couldn't predict this situation; J appreciates Roman's support; Roman asks John if his opinions counts; J says Belle said no; John upset about what happens if Belle brings document to hospital; J says will never forgive Belle if she does that, no matter how much loves her; Belle gives Kayla document "tell the board about the directive"; Belle says it's the right thing to do; Kay nods;


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      Sonny tells Will that Paul most selfless man he knows-says P stepped aside when learned Sonny/Will could have another chance; W talks about how understanding P has been; W tells Sonny that he'll tell P that the memories don't change anything about W/P together; Sonny tells Will that when sees Paul he'll tell him they'll always be friends; W tells Sonny "I guess this is goodbye"-they kiss thru tears as Brady/Eve walk up near them at park entrance; Brady does NOT look happy; Sonny & Will stand when see Brady; Brady interrupts W & says they make him sick; Brady blasts them for making out in park; W starts to yell-remember Brady not perfect either; W yells that he & Sonny won't hurt Paul--yells to Brady that they're saying goodbye-shuts up Brady; Roman gives Kayla people feel Steve didn't purposely give away secrets; Roman talks to Kay about Mar & tells Kay John's concerns about giving papers to board & practically signing Mar's death warrant; Eve overhears Jen supporting Eric & Eric goes to his Mar; Eve asks Jen if she was going to tell Eric about Nic; Chloe asks Lucas all the right questions about Bonnie's probable scam; L tells Chloe that Bon willing to do paternity test; Chloe asks L if he's willing; Jen tells Eve what she discusses w/Eric isn't her business; Eve wants to bury this topic once & for all; J/Eve sparring about whether to tell Eric truth; Eve warns J she'll regret this-Eric will leave; J says risk she'll have to take; Eric enters Mar's room; John cradling Mar's hand against his cheek; J hopes Belle comes to her senses; Eric says Belle went to think about directive; J wants time; Eric says told Belle that Mar trusted her & believes Belle will do what's right; Belle steps in room--J glares at her;

      Kayla tells Roman gave word to Belle to follow-thru w/directive; Roman asks Kayla if some way to buy time; Kay says wish we could; Roman says he'll leave her to do what she needs & he'll call Shane; Roman leaves; Kay picks up phone to talk to Seth Burns; Lucas says doesn't know if baby is his-just felt something-doesn't know what but has to find out; Chloe asks L if he'll do test; L says he has to know; Eve tries to stop Jen from telling Eric J tells Eve as soon as crisis over she's telling Eric; Sonny & Will tells Brady they'll make sure Paul never realizes they were going to get back together; Brady apologizes & leaves for hospital; Sonny/Will look at each other; Sonny tells Will he's love of his life even tho can't be together "I give you my heart; you have it"; Will replies to Sonny "forever"; Sonny says "forever" and W leaves for hospital; Kayla confirms she will start steps to take Mar off ventilator; Belle tells Eric she gave hospital documents; John tells Belle ashamed to call her his daughter-killing her mother; John gets on phone to stop what Belle put in motion-SHOW OVER


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        Sonny is crazy, I would never let Will leave to live a lie with Paul just because he can’t walk. I doubt Paul would have done the same thing. Look at the way he got involved with Will knowing how much Sonny loved him. Brady is such a tool and he and Eve needs to part.


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