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A couple of thoughts on today's episode


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  • A couple of thoughts on today's episode

    1. It sounds to me like Bonnie raped Lucas. He doesn't remember having sex with her and he certainly wasn't in any way fit to give his consent. He should certainly ask for a paternity test before admitting anything.

    2. Belle seems really eager to put Marlena's directive into effect as soon as possible. It seems to me like she wants to punish Sami for what she ALLEGEDLY did. I hope Eric will insist she not do anything without Sami's approval (and we all know there's not a snowballs chance in hell she would ever agree with this).

  • #2
    BINGO on #1! Bonnie did rape Lucas, and the fact that they're writing Bonnie with being flippant and proud of it, is disgusting. Same old same old with this show lately and how they deal with, write and present the serious topic of rape. They're not only ignoring that fact, that Bonnie did rape Lucas, they're poking fun at it, by Bonnie making jokes about it and how hot it was.

    As for Belle, I don't think her objective here is to get back at Sami. Sami's name didn't even come up today in Belle and Eric's conversation. I truly think Belle is just trying to honor Marlena's wishes. Belle is obviously torn and very conflicted about this, as Marlena's daughter, of course she wants Marlena to live, but she's also bound to the legalities of the situation too, as an attorney. This was something that Belle and Marlena discussed and Belle urged Marlena to make a directive, for which ever what Marlena decided. Bell was careless in not following up with what Marlena decided, but she sees Marlena's decision spelled out in the DNR directive. It's a very conflicting situation, but I think Belle's heart is being torn and is in the right place.


    • CanaryFan98
      CanaryFan98 commented
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      Yeah the whole thing is cringe.... Bonnie/Lucas but this is par for the course of the show.

  • #3
    Did they not break the DNR when Val etc used CPR on her


    • Beca Drags
      Beca Drags commented
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      But they didn't yet know about the directive when Valerie did that.

    • pipera
      pipera commented
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      She would have either notified the hospital. Or, she would have a bracelet with the DNR attached,

  • #4
    It is illegal for a child of a person with a DNR to do what Belle is doing Being Marlenas daughter she would be excused in all matters of DNR and this would have referred to outside council. She doesn't have the legal authority to do this without a another lawyer acting on Marlenas behalf. If she has power of attorney the this would be illegal and she will lose her licence to practice law.


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