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Tommy Horton


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  • Tommy Horton

    Sandy Horton daughter of Tommy and Kitty Horton. They have never really used this side of the family and could have additional children to Tommy Horton besides Sandy to increase this side of the family and binging her back with a Husband and her children. A great loss to the history story of Days of our lives.

    They never or hardly mention Tommy Horton in Days at all, or ever mention Sandy Horton it is as if she never existed at all.

    This family has a wealth of new Hortion stories that can be used in DAYS for decades to come.
    A profile of the Days of our Lives character Sandy Horton, part of soapcentral.com's Who's Who in Salem section.
    Last edited by pipera; September 10, 2018, 01:09 AM.

  • #2
    Days have a lot of old character history they could use but don't.


    • #3
      The story of the sister (played by Marie Cheatham) falling in love with her amnesiac brother Tommy who had plastic surgery after being wounded in the war was the best story I ever saw on Days.


      • #4
        Another Horton rarely mentioned is Jennifer's brother Mike.


        • #5
          I wish they would reboot Jeremy (Mike's son). I understand the interest in Tommy/Sandy, but Jeremy would have closer ties to Jennifer and Lucas (although he is about to leave). Even thought we never hear about communication with any of these missing relatives, it seems more believable that Jeremy would have been in touch with Salem folks.


          • #6
            Last I recall seeing Sandy was years ago during the fairly early days of Andre / Tony!! A LONG time ago!!


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              According to this website, and another website(I can't remember the name, unfortunately), Sandy Horton was a medical student, and her fiancee or ex-fiancee was murdered. she left the show after that because before he died, she was overheard saying she 'would kill him' (over their falling out or something).

              I think Tommy Horton TECHNICALLY is still alive. Kitty Horton was... well, she made Julie look like an innocent saint.

              That said, I agree that Jeremy Horton should come back; and other Hortons. We have way too many Higley characters on the canvas.


              • #8
                Tommy would be very old if he was alive. He was Addie's twin. Evan Whyland was Sandy's ex who died but she stayed around a couple of years after that (played by a different actress). She could have had children off-screen, as could Scotty Banning (Julie's grandson, and Eli's half-brother).


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                  Originally posted by lasagna View Post
                  Another Horton rarely mentioned is Jennifer's brother Mike.
                  Mike was a great character. I'd love to see him back.


                  • #10
                    Is Tommy still even canon? As for Sandy, it's just a shame Heather North recently passed away. If this character were ever to return, she'd be played by Martha Smith or Pamela Roylance.
                    Last edited by Blakebs; September 15, 2018, 02:10 PM.


                    • #11
                      If they were to resurrect the Horton family, I would want to see the following:

                      Sandy Horton as a love interest for Roman Brady....I don't think they intend to use Anna much at all....and Roman just languishes on the bank burner constantly now....

                      Mike Horton - as a love interest for Eve....or to be in a triangle with Eve and Chloe...

                      Jeremy Horton - as a love interest for Nicole if they bring her back full-time. I agree with a 'reboot' of Jeremy....have him give information to the police that covers a plea-bargain for his smuggling....it's easy to get rid of the charges.....and have him tired of living on the run....

                      They have Sarah Horton coming on board....they should re-invest in the original core family of Salem....


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