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Two takes on the Abby/Gabi confrontation


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  • Two takes on the Abby/Gabi confrontation

    1. All the time Abby was talking, I was hoping that "Gabby" had reemerged and was doing the talking. There was something about the way Marci was acting that made me think of "Gabby". It would have been interesting to see Gabi's reaction to seeing "Gabby" appear.

    2. I half expected Julie to appear in the doorway and tear into Gabi for what she had heard Gabi saying.

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    Gabby is gone so that wont be happening I was happy she is gone and won't emerge Abby was acting like Abby not gabby. I would have loved for Julie to catch Gabi breaking into her home


    • mckinnb
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      I don't believe Gabby is gone. She's been "reintegrated" into Abigail's personality, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she reemerged at some point in the SL, just like I'm never surprised when a dead person suddenly walks through the door. It's a soap - anything can happen.

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    Gabby will be back, maybe just for a short time, but l would bet my farm on it. Too much has been invested in that plot not to use it again. And then *hello!* the black wig reappearing in Friday's show---


    • Chabby lover
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      That doesn't mean that Gabby is coming back and I don't think she is I think what they are going to do is make it look like Gabby is back but she is not back. Gabby is not coming back she is one with Abby now. The black wig reappearing in friday's show is so that Gabi can make Abby think her alters are back that is what it all comes down to. Gabby is not coming back.

    • JackandJenfan
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      Kate Mansi posted a pic of her in the Gabby wig. Gabby is returning at some point.

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    That picture could have been a flashback or KM teasing fans. Or maybe she intentionally comes back for a few moments for a specific reason at Abby’s request. I don’t think she will come back like before where Abby had no idea. That was the purpose of the integration.


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      Just because KM posted a picture of herself in the dark wig, that doesn't mean that the alter "Gabby" is coming back. She could have been refilming recreated flashbacks, with herself now in the role, or maybe Abby puts on the wig, to try and fake Gabi out to expose her, there's lots of reasons why KM could have been wearing that wig.

      I wish the confrontation would not have ended with Abby apologizing, once again, but that is Abigail, owning up to things, even when they're not her fault!


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        Yeah, I wished Gabigail feelings emerged, and tell Gabi the exact thing that Gabi is doing....and even tell her, "how would Stefan feel that you were lying about the baby?" ....I have a feeling, based from two IG pics, that Gabigail is coming back. Abby technically, will never be okay. This is going in depth to this character.


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          I thought the confrontation was totally anticlimactic. Abby was like are you mad, tell the truth. And Gabi was like yeah I'm mad. Good talk guys. Honestly. Abby knows Gabi is mad. That's not new. JJ told her that. Abby just stood there, flat and monotone as ever. She's like an automaton. It would have played better if Abby had caught Gabi with the wig. But then they couldn't drag this stupid storyline on for months.


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