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Writing for Kristen Dimera


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  • Writing for Kristen Dimera

    I'm glad the character of Kristen Dimera is back on the canvas. Kudos to Stacy Haiduk for taking on the challenging role. I am a little concerned that the writers are writing Kristen so broad that she may become almost cartoonish. When the writers wrote for Eileen, there were shades of vulnerability to Kristen. All one has to do is watch Eileen's emmy reel (Kristen's showdown with Marlena after the first failed marriage attempt to Brady) to see the "brokenness" of Kristen. She tried to change for Brady. She tried to be a better person. I understand that with Kristen reappearing on the canvas, the writers need to showcase the crazy of Kristen. I just hope they don't make her a one note character.

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    I think Stacy is good as Susan than Kristen. Get Eileen back as Kristen and give the Susan role to Stacy


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      The writing for Susan has been fantastic. She's done great on that front. Kristen, however, has been comical. Kristen is crazy, no doubt, but she's also very calculating. She plans things out before she acts. This version is acting like a horny teenager who can't think two seconds ahead. She's just flying by the seat of her pants and hoping it works out. Here I'd hoped she'd challenge Stefan, instead she shows up begging for his help because she screwed up faster than Brady picks up a new woman. This writing just doesn't do the character justice, though Stacy is hitting it out of the park in her acting. I wish they'd write Kristen more true to character - crazy, determined to get what she wants, a bit cruel, calculating, and composed.


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