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Brady and black siblings / step-sibling group


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  • Brady and black siblings / step-sibling group

    There have been several episodes lately that reminded me of what it was like to have a core family on the show. Rather than just a couple of characters hear from the Horton family a couple of members from The Brady or kiriakis family. Seen Marlenas and John's children at the hospital has really reminded me what it was like back in the day to have the Brady siblings as a core group. Roman BO Kimberly Kayla. Seen Eric Sami Brady Bell even pole together the hospital has been great and I think the show needs to focus more on that CORE family and that Sibling Group. Now if I could just get Carrie back in the fold.

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    I agree completely! It makes sense that this family is the kind of the core family on the show right now. John and Marlena are the anchor couple and there are a zillion adult kids and grandkids to pull into storylines.

    It's harder to have a "core family" now than it was in the 80s, I think, but it can be done. Back then Shawn and Caroline were the anchor couple and we got to see so many dramas play out with them and their various kids. But Shawn and Caroline (and Tom and Alice before them) were a kind of settled, older couple dispensing advice and giving everyone a solid home base, and John and Marlena don't really feel like that. They're a supercouple in their own right. A lot of people aren't ready to see them holding down the home fort and dispensing advice and donuts and basically being supporting players in their children's stories, which is what Tom/Alice and Shawn/Caroline usually were (not always, but usually).

    Also, once Paul leaves, only Brady, Eric, Will, and Claire are on the canvas long-term right now. Belle, Sami, and Carrie only pop in every now and then, which is unfortunate.

    What's kind of funny to me is that this core family includes two people (Will and Paul) who were in a relationship with each other up until about 15 minutes ago.


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      Speaking of half sibling group...has anyone noticed what a rather large interconnected web of half siblings there are?

      Sami and Eric are half siblings to DJ, Belle Carrie, Rex and Cassie.
      Belle's half siblings include Brady and Paul
      Cassie and Rex's half siblings also include Austin, Billie, Lucas and Phillip.
      Lucas's half siblings include Mike and Jennifer
      Phillip's half siblings include Isabella and Bo.
      Bo's other half siblings are Roman, Kimberly and Kayla.
      DJ (Marlena's son that died of SIDS) had two half sisters (Betsy and Donna) from his father
      Isabella had that other half sibling Marina


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        And then there are the love connections within that list.

        -Sami- Lucas, Austin
        -Carrie- Lusas, Austin, Mike
        -Belle- Phillip
        -Eric- Jennifer
        -Will- Paul
        -Bo- Billie

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