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Why do I not remember Sara Horton?


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  • Why do I not remember Sara Horton?

    I've always been an avid days viewer. I have slipped in and out a few times, however, I do not remember Sara Horton at all. I remember Melissa Horton- Pete and Melissa - Ivy and Pete - Melissa and Hope being best friends.....Sara Horton - not a thing. When was she on?

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    She was born onscreen sometime in the early 80s. She was last seen in 1991. She was a teen then, so she'll be de-SORASed quite a bit.
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      She was younger than Jennifer. They never hung out together it was Carrie who was her BFF. Jennifer was already into working at the spectator etc by the time Sarah was SORased to a teen.


      • soapjunkie1987
        soapjunkie1987 commented
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        I stand corrected LOL. I knew it was one of those two. I just know she'll be de-SORASed quite a bit.

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      Wasn't Sara the baby Maggie had thru in vitro and Neil Curtis was the father because he switched up the sperm and used his own? I can't remember why Maggie and Mickey couldn't have a child naturally anymore.


      • jam6242
        jam6242 commented
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        Maggie originally volunteered to be a surrogate mother for another couple and that's how Sarah was conceived. The potential mother died before Sarah was born so Maggie and Mickey kept her. It had been believed that Evan Whyland (Lane Davies) was Sarah's bio father but it was revealed years later that Neil had used his own sperm instead. Mickey was sterile since before he even met Maggie.

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      I despise the current fad of bringing back obscure characters to freshen up the show, while letting the more important characters go. Good writing is needed - not a revolving door for the cast.


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