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Two Scoops, Week of 9/3 - A walking study in demonology


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  • ARTICLE: Two Scoops, Week of 9/3 - A walking study in demonology

    While devilish Kristen's reign of terror on Salem continued, complete with three kidnappings, blackmail, and a dive out another window, Sami was vilified for accidentally shooting Marlena. Plus, is this the end for Paul!? Let's discuss all the DAYS drama in this week's Two Scoops!


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    I love how Sami is asking of EJ...but I want to see them reunited now! It's what the audience are peeking and seeing if this happens. And I love how Susan is feeling HORITA! And happy for Sonny too....sad that Will protected Susan of EJ being alive. I wished that Eileen would have played Kristen/Susan. Not feeling the new Kristen, but Susan, hell yeah!


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      I like SH as Kristen but she has been outstanding as Susan she has impressed me, she isn't ED but she doesn't have to be.

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    This line:

    "Can't someone just find Nicole and then have her rub Oracular Baby Holly over the wounds to clear them up?"

    I am dying.

    He also really drove home the point that the story about what Sami did kept changing throughout the week so that Sami could be blamed, and how no one seemed to notice Eric basically caused her to actually shoot. And the whole tired "have sex with me if you want so-and-so to live" thing going on with Kristen and Brady.

    Well-deserved harsh words for Hope. And so many funny lines about Kristen and Paul, too. This was a great Two Scoops!!


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