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What If.. (Speculation)


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  • What If.. (Speculation)

    The characters we think we are seeing being out of character aren't really them. For example, if Belle is a clone to try to turn everyone against Sami..when Claire was taken by Kristen, Belle was hysterical but now she hasn't checked on her or anything. Granted she's worried about her mother but this is her child and she doesn't even mention unless someone else does. Plus did anyone notice how the filming of her finding Claire?? It showed her basically in front of the camera moving towards her.. Not a bad thing.. Just unusual I thought. And the way Belle is blaming Sami and only Sami just doesn't make sense. It's like her main mission is to ensure Sami gets lynched & everyone just ignores Kristen's part.


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    I think you're giving the writers too much credit. I don't think their writing is that sophisticated, but we know Ron loves him a good doppelgänger story, so it is possible.


    • anitalyfe
      anitalyfe commented
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      I think Ron is awful but he may actually do well writing for the Cartoon Network. It's right up his alley.

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    Sami had the gun. Why not shoot Kristen. Why in the heck would she point it to her mother and stepfather to be. Is Belle suppose to be congratulating Sami? Plus, Claire was fine. Marlene is the only one with a bullet in her chest.


    • MrAgnes
      MrAgnes commented
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      Why not shoot Kristen? Because Kristen said that she knew where EJ is and could take Sami to him. If Sami shot Kristen, she would lose any opportunity to be rejoined with her soulmate.

    • Abby_fan
      Abby_fan commented
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      MrAgnes At least point the gun at her. Make her tell Sami where EJ is located. Why even trust Kristen? If a gun is pointed at Kristen, maybe she will spill. Sami didn’t have to shoot to kill. Most people will talk with a loaded gun pointed at them. That is why I said shoot Kristen.

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    Well, this is the real Belle and she is putting Sami in her place.


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