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days live disucssion 8/31/2018


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  • days live disucssion 8/31/2018

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    John in private waiting area, still clearly distraught-spills coffee on his hand & throws it across room; J looks at pic of Mar/J on phone & says she's coming back to him; Will tells Sonny has to see Ari-they're at k-mans; Sonny asks Will again about what getting his memory back meant for them; Sonny asks Will if there's a chance for them; Hope finds Rafe knocked out on floor; Paul at Brady's door & enters-sees Sami in the room & asks what she's doing there; Rafe wakes & Hope worried if he's okay; H confirms Sami bashed him in the head with a coffee pot; Sami tells Paul she convinced R to let her go; Sam also worried Brady MIA, like P; Kristen brings Brady to John/Mar's room to make love in bed prepped for honeymoon-rose petals; Kristen talks to Brady about making love & they start to kiss; John teary-Steve comes in to join him-tells J that family looking for him; J needed time alone; Steve asks J if wants him to go; J says no; Steve sits by J & supports him; John wishes Sami had taken him out instead of Mar; Steve says Kayla/Val fighting for Mar in surgery; Steve tells John Mar will pull through like she & he always do; Will tells Sonny it's all new for him-can't make decisions yet-hasn't had chance to tell Paul about memory yet; Sonny tells Will world crumbled when thought W dead & then found him-love of his life back; Sonny tells Will never stopped loving W for a second; W wants to go back to hospital for when Mar out of hospital; Ari comes in "Daddy"-Will picks her up & holds her tight with Diff feelings then ever before since return; Julie found Eve in freezer-locked there by Kristen; Julie about to call Hope but Eve knows has no time to waste-going to find Brady at Inn; Brady wants Kristen to stop; Kristen says Brady will remember their time together; Brady wants to slow down; Kristen threatens Eve again; Brady angrily kisses Kristen & takes off her dress-they're on bed; Kristen waited for this;

    Ari asks Daddy why he's sad; Will tells her he's so happy-tells Ari he has his memory & remembers all amazing times w/A & Daddy Sonny; A talks about zoo days; So teary in background; W tells A remembers holding her for first time; Will tells Ari knew how special she was moment first looked up at him; Sonny says A changed all their lives; W tells A remembers loves her from second met hr; A tells "Daddy, I love you"; W remembers looking at Ari w/Sonny next to him, in her bassinet; Hope brings Rafe ice pack; Hope tells R that Sami bolted & issues APB; Paul finds Brady's rose; Sa tells P how obsessed Kristen is with Brady; Eve shows & now all know have to find Kristen; P starts tracking Eve's phone-find out still at Inn; Eve goes to check every room if has too; Sami starts to follow Eve, but Paul won't let her go-grabs her arm to stop her; Kristen all over Brady talking about how they're so good together; Brady turns Kristen over & holds her in place-tells her he loves Eve-tells Kristen "I don"t love you"-Eve walks in on them & wants to know what's going on; Paul tells Sami to turn self in at PD; Sami asks Paul not to turn her in-says if P loves Will-he would move heaven and earth to find W-that's how she feels about EJ; P listens as Sami talks about reason why she must confront Kristen; P agrees & they go to find Brady; Kristen tells Brady/Eve it's her night w/Brady & she's losing it; Brady tells Eve he was stalling to find out where Eve was; Eve tells about freezer; Kristen holds gun on them; Kristen tells Brady so disappointed in him; Brady tells Kristen put the gun down;

    Kristen tells Brady she would've done anything for him & talks nasty about Eve; Kristen tells Brady he doesn't love Eve-really loves Kristen; Brady says loved Kristen once & loves Eve now; Kristen says she'll send them to join Mar in hell; John tells Steve seems like every minute is an hour; Steve volunteers to check w/nurse to see if any news; John appreciates the support; before Steve leaves room; Kayla shows up; J asks "so how is she"; Kayla stares at J;


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      Kayla tells John that Mar made it out of surgery-is stable but not out of woods yet-bullet shattered but one fragment too close to heart to remove; John listening-understands Mar still has fragment in chest; Kay says when Mar recovers will have another surgery; Kayla will take John to see Mar now; Steve supportive-will tell the family; Kay/John leave waiting area; Steve clearly choked up; Hope tells Rafe Mar out of surgery but no sight of Sami at hospital; R/H talk about Kristen using Sami to get back at John.Mar; Hope tells Rafe odd no one heard from Brady; Julie/Doug show at PD to report a crime; Kristen tells Brady her life meaningless since day lost him; Brady tells Kristen screwed up their love when raped his brother; Brady says saved by Eve; Kristen is a loose cannon & Sami runs in telling Kristen she's going to tell about EJ now after calling her a "crazy bitch"-Paul on Sami's heels; Will tucked Ari in & going back to hospital; W tells Sonny wants to answer his question first-things clear to him now; Will tells Sonny sees Ari falling in love with beautiful baby girl again-says his emotions so intense all washing over him; Sonny hoping those feelings include his love for him too--W's words lead Sonny to ask that; Julie/Doug apparently told Hope/Rafe what happened to Eve & tell them Eve ran to Salem Inn; Kristen tells Sami it's all about you; Sami says she won't kill Brady; Kristen tells Sami that EJ alive; Kristen says she's first going to kill Sami before Eve; Sami standing up to her;

      Will tells Sonny has been trying to control his feelings as memories came back-partly cause knows what it'll mean for W & Paul; W says he loves P-really does; ;W takes Sonny's hand & tells Sonny his feeling for Sonny run so deep-the emotions so powerful-Sonny is part of him-heart; Will wants to be w/Sonny, always loved him-they kiss passionately; John at Mar's bedside letting her know he's there, stroking her hair-touching her hand; J tells Mar proud of how hard she's fighting; J tells Mar w/her every step of the way & so are her kids & all who love her-she's not fighting alone; John tells Mar loves her, leans on her shoulder-holding her-crying; Sonny tells Will he's been praying for this for so long-neither could believe it's true; W tells Sonny he's his husband & will always be; W tells Sonny doesn't want to break Paul's heart but has to; Will wants Sonny, Ari & him together forever; Sonny asks W what they should do; W says will have to figure out how tell Paul; Sami tells Kristen she'll haunt her rest of Kristen's life; Sami talks nastily; Paul jumps in as Kristen ready shoot Sami-both Kristen/Paul fly out window-SHOW OVER


      • #4
        OMG is Stacy Haiduk DEAD OMG


        • Chabby lover
          Chabby lover commented
          Editing a comment
          No she is not dead at all she takes of and hides at the DiMera mansion.

        • savytabby
          savytabby commented
          Editing a comment
          My guess is she lands ON TOP of Paul, so she's not really that injured. LOL.

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