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Will and Susan today.


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  • Will and Susan today.

    Will did the right thing not telling Susan about EJ because no need to get her hopes up with no proof. Also she would do everything possible to keep Sami away from EJ. also did anyone notice how giddy Susan was when she said Sami was bad,bad,bad?

  • #2
    She was so giddy the whole time that I didn't notice, lol. I didn't think along the lines of EJ being her son.


    • #3
      I just can’t deal with Susan. Fast forward. I guess the character is comic relief but overboard.


      • #4
        I love Susan! And love that she likes HORITA!


        • gymguy68
          gymguy68 commented
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          DITTO!!! Susan tells it like it is; albeit in her own "Susan-esque" style. She's certainly not as dumb as the folks in Salem make her out to be.

      • #5
        Susan still desperately wants to be Will's/EJ's momma, which is why she continues to badmouth Sami to him. But she knows Will has his memory back, so she has to realize deep down that it's not going to work. And, yes, I do think it was wise of Will not to share what Kristen said about EJ being alive with her since there is no proof.


        • #6
          I just love how understanding he continues to be with her, knowing fully well what she's done to him and how much it's affected his life. If Will & Sonny get hitched again I'd love to see Susan in attendance, she'd bring the comic relief and then some!


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