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days live discussion 8/30/2018


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  • days live discussion 8/30/2018

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Eric sees Doug/Julie at hospital-no news; J/D so worried about Mar; Rafe asks Hope if got Sami's statement; H tells R about Sa blaming H for everything; Paul asks Will if what has to say is serious; W tells P he's so important to him; P encourages W to talk; Sonny working on his laptop, remembers Will remembering-Susan screams running down the steps in a robe having had a nightmare; So calming Su-says nightmare over; Su says her nightmares are premonitions-Kristen about to do something terrible; Kristen tells Brady Eve's future in his hands; Brady refuses to sleep with Kristen; Kristen smirks, takes phone & asks Brady if wants to say goodbye to Eve before gives order to kill her; Will tells Paul when first back he was overwhelmed & felt pressure to remember past & acknowledges rough for P w/Sonny leaving him; Jen enters room looking for Eric & Paul learns Brady not at hospital; Brady tells Kristen to stop the order & wants to talk this thru w/her; Kristen tells Brady wants to feel their connection; Kristen remembered hearing Brady calling when she went out window in Italy-knew he was upset about her dying; Doug brought box of reception food to hospital for all those there; Julie asks if Sami really shot Mar; Eric says Kristen's fault & tells whole story from beginning to end in 30 seconds; Ju says Kristen a monster & they're praying for Mar; Susan tells Sonny someone she knows in trouble; Su says Will in danger; So tries calming Su & says W fine-they just saw him & he'd help right away if thought in trouble; Su says once had premonition winning lottery & was chicken dinner;

    Susan tells Sonny that Will hit jackpot w/Paul; Su says Kristen won't hurt W if has P to protect him; Paul realizes Brady said was going to hospital-Jen leaves; Will wants to talk more; P is concerned about Brady & tells W talk later-has to go back to PD; Brady tells Kristen only heard shock-didn't want her-she caused too many he loves pain; Kristen says sorry caused him pain; ;Kristen says whens he woke after fall was broken/bloody & realized there was God who could forgive so why can't Brady; Hope ranting to Rafe about Sami being at fault; R tells H it's "Allegedly"; H tells R not to defend Sami to her; H & R are clearly not doing well w/Sa in the next room; Jen finds Eric at nurses' station; Eric says no word on Mar yet; Jen takes Eric to chapel to pray; Rafe tells Hope not justifying Sami's behavior; H glad; R says can't control Sami-no one can-can only take responsibility for his actions-made mistake he'll regret; Rafe reminds Hope they worked hard to get back where they are-shouldn't take step back; Will near elevators & sees mom w/newborn & remembers being w/Sonny when first held Ari; W gets on elevator; Susan tells Sonny was worried about W making life for himself in Salem; Susan talks about Will/Paul tying the knot & Sonny tells her not to be so sure; Brady taunts Kristen about "finding religion"; Kristen said envisioned making amends to all, especially Brady;

    Brady's looking at Kristen like she's nuts, talking about a new life for her & Brady;


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      Susan tells Sonny that Will/Paul seem happy-is something wrong w/Will; Sonny tells Su that W got memory back; Su realizes that W remembers Sonny was Will's ex-says that'll be really hard on P; Sonny trying not to give Su any hope one way or another; Doug/Julie back at Doug's; Julie reminds Doug this is the second wedding this year Sami ruined; D hopes Rafe/Hope in better place now; R tells Hope can't let Sami come between them; Paul back at PD-asks about Brady-tells didn't show at hospital; P tries calling Brady; H going to try & not let Sa get to her; Rafe will handle Sami getting phone for call; Eric/Jen in chapel-Eric glad she suggested this; Jen/Eric both know Kristen responsible for shooting; J wonders if EJ could possibly be alive; Brady tells Kristen not in Salem for forgiveness-showed at wedding w/gun to get Mar; Kristen says Stefano came to her either real or in dream w/message that she has nothing to atone for-she was told a DiMera doesn't bow down but fight for what she wants-she wants Brady; Brady looking at her like she a lunatic; Brady tells Kristen she can't make him love her; Brady tells Kristen he's moved on; Kristen tells Brady they'll both always be outsiders; Kristen tells Brady that she's the person who will love him as he is, not Eve; Doug tells Julie they can start straightening things up; Julie upset Kristen locked Susan in freezer-worried about board of health; J tells Doug going to check food supply that Susan may have nibbled on; Will interrupts Susan talking to Sonny & gives him big hug; Su happy for W getting memory back;

      Sonny asks Will about hospital; W tells Susan that Mar was shot; Su says Sami popping cap into her into her own Mama is "bad, bad, bad"; Jen tells Eric that EJ is love of Sami's life but don't know how Sa could consider shooting John; Eric knows that Kristen's drugging someone; Jen says EJ/Sami had a lot of conflict maybe she needs someone more stable; Eric says EJ is the one & Kristen toyed w/Sami; Eric talks about keeping someone from the love of their life is evil; Jen agrees no justification for keeping 2 people apart who should be together; Paul gets off phone from John-Mar still in surgery & no one's hears from Brady; P says he'll go to Inn to check on Brady; Will tells Susan that Kristen made Sami pull trigger; Susan asks how; W remembers learning from Paul what actually happened; W reminds Su how conniving Kristen can be; Susan wants go to hospital; W tells Susan to pray-that will help all; Su agrees & leaves room; Sonny asks Will how Kristen made Sami shoot Mar; W fills Sonny in on the entire story; W doesn't want to get Susan's hopes up; Kristen tries seducing Brady again; Brady kisses Kristen Passionately & Kristen loving it; Doug putting hourglasses in box & hears Julie scream & starts to go to her; Eric asks Jen why she's so upset; J says all this is so terrible -what Kristen did to Sami; Eric tells J she's too good-wouldn't do anything like that; Eric kisses J-says ILY; Eric goes to check on Mar; Jen alone says she made terrible mistake keeping truth about Nic from Eric; Will tells Sonny remembered holding Ari when was the 3 of them; Sonny says best moment of his life; W says he felt that too; W said he has to see Ari;

      Sonny asks Will if they can finish what W was saying when they parted at Doug's; Paul finds partly open-enters "Oh my God"; Hope enters inter room and Rafe is alone & knocked out on floor-SHOW ENDS


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        did they find out what drugs Kristen gave Sami?


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