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Hope went from being a bad cop to being a corrupt cop.


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  • Hope went from being a bad cop to being a corrupt cop.

    Now I love Hope she is my OG all time favorite girl but she needs to check herself. A Police Commissioner who murdered someone should be doing everything super by the book not using her office to settle scores and run people out of town. Hope, give your head a shake, take a big step back and resign.

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    I love Hope, I forgot how she got off from shooting Stefano? Im happy she did. I know I would do any thing for my family.


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      I don't see Hope trying to settle anything with Sami. Sami should be at the PD, and it was Sami who kept insisting about her and Rafe.
      Hope is trying to protect her not very bright child from a serial killer/torturer. If she makes up evidence from nothing, then I hope the writers
      won't be so gung ho to make her the baddie in this sad s/l that they won't let her see she is wrong. Hope was always a good cop. Shooting
      Stefano could be justified, under the circumstances, hiding the body went off the rails for Hope.


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        She’s now both. The Salem PD needs a major overhaul.


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          I am so over Hope and Rafe and they used to be two of my favorite characters but until they pay for killing Stefano I have no more respect for their characters. They are both so judgmental and unfair and know they both need to be behind bars themselves. This need to be fixed if their characters are ever to be redeemed.


          • Tonilove
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            It was found out that Stefano was still alive so Hope didn't kill him. Despite the fact that she committed attempted murder and then she and Rafe hid the body and framed Andre for the crime, she walked scot free. It was sickening.

          • dee2
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            She went to prison for a while.

          • Elle23276
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            Yeah, 3 months of a 25 year sentence. Got out early for good behaviour. LMFAO. Justice in Salem Is a tad inequitable.

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          Hope has never been a bad cop, but she's been corrupt for a very long time.


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