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days live discussion 8/29/2018


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  • days live discussion 8/29/2018

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Sonny in k-mans living room-looks at empty frame from wedding photo that he tore up; S remembers finding Will & kissing him at Doug's; W at hospital remembers kissing Paul & saying ILY to him but clearly troubled as gazes alone out a window; Brady at Kristen's calling for Eve but Kristen says they're alone; Sami angry at Rafe and Paul tries to intervene but Sa just angry for R taking her from hospital; John at hospital-finds ring-starts crying--Belle comes in & they sadly hug; Hope enters inter room & is face to face w/Sami; Hope tells Sami to take a seat & tells Sa she can't go; Sa tells H has nothing new to tell-asks if she should be going to find Kristen before ruins more lives; Brady asks where Eve is; Kristen wants to talk to Brady about the two of them-unfinished business-they were in love; Brady tells Kristen he's going to marry Eve-in love w/her; Kristen says wants to catch up w/Brady-it's been 3 years; Adrienne tells Sonny found Susan in bathtub; Sonny tells Ad Susan was locked in freezer; Ad asks what's up; Sonny tells Ad that Kristen back according to Su; Sonny says waiting to hear from Will what happened; Eric in private waiting area w/W-no news yet; Eric tells Will he doesn't remember family history & starts explaining DiMera history; W calls him Uncle Eric & tells him remembered whole life; Hope tells Sami she was the only 1 w/Kristen when planning this; H asks Sami if overheard anything; Sa asks H what's really going on; Sami asks Hope if she's punishing her for sleeping with Rafe; John asks Belle about Claire & how she's doing; Belle asks John to go wait w/them-not stay with those things; J says he feels responsible; B says couldn't see this coming; J says he brought Kristen into their lives;

    Kristen tells Brady he's only man whoever tripped her up but instead they fell really in love & knows Brady still loves her; Kristen getting close and trying to be seductive; Brady says she forgot about vid of her raping his brother-relieved saw her fall out of window; Brady tells Kristen she's a regular phoenix; Kristen says this is our second change; Brady calls Kristen a raving lunatic; Brady says will never forgive Kristen; Kristen taunts Brady about him & Eric sharing women before; Brady says if Kristen doesn't tell where Eve is gonna bring her to PD; Kristen taunts about losing Tate; Kristen tells Brady he needs her-not just there to settle score with John and Marlena; John talks to Belle about how lucky he is Mar loves him but wonders if his luck ran out; B says Mar is strong; J crying afraid he & Mar's life coming to end; Adrienne on phone getting info about press-tells Sonny about Mar getting shot & Sami was holding gun; Sonny trying to absorb all Adrienne learned; Rafe tells Paul knows Kristen is still in Salem-roadblocks up quickly; Paul & Rafe talk about what happened w/Sami & Kristen; Hope tells Sami she wasn't talking about her & Rafe; Sami tells Hope she'll talk but H has to be honest w/her first-just between them; Sa tells H she'd be mad as hell if reverse; H says pretty much how she feels;

    Sami trying to justify what she and Rafe did said he still loves Hope; So far Hope is not receptive saying Sami just cares about herself; Will/Eric talking about how W remembers everything; W remembers the little things; W talks about first time kissing girl & boy; W talks about falling in love w/Sonny; Ad asks Sonny if he should call W for support; Sonny on phone w/W;


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      Will wants Sonny looking after Susan & knows he can call if needs Sonny; Adrienne tells Sonny sounded different talking to W this time; Sonny tells Ad about W's memory returning & So is smiling & Ad sounds happy for him; John tells Belle that Mar had premonition-tells About bad luck stuff; John tells Belle he should've listened to Mar; Brady tells Kristen she's deluded-Mar has been like a mother to him & now John upset; Brady tells Kristen she uses people to get what she wants; Kristen tries blaming John/Mar but Brady calls her on that old BS; Kristen calls herself one of Brady's addictions that he can't quit-once an addict, always an addict; Kristen very seductive w/Brady & he's looking at her-very close; Belle tells John not her fault-not bad luck; Belle says because of Sami; Sa tells Hope if thought would take Rafe back might have...; H says would've done same & then look what you did to Will about choking by Ben; H says Sa only ever cares about herself; Adrienne happy for Sonny; So waiting to let Will talk to Ari; So tells Ad that W doesn't want to hurt Paul; Ad eggs Sonny on & he tells her that W kissed him but he's not sure what it meant yet; W tells Eric what happened w/Sonny at Doug's & says prob shouldn't have kissed him; Eric asks Will if he's still in love w/Sonny; Paul/Rafe trying to find out what happened from sources; R tells P to go to hospital to be w/John; Brady pushes Kristen away-she lands on bed; Brady tells her to tell where Eve is; Kristen says he can have Eve back after they make love;

      Brady tells Kristen he'll make love to her when hell freezes over; Kristen laughs & taunts Brady about always trying to forget her; Kristen says to get Eve back he has to make love w/her first-won't tell Eve; Brady says Theresa tries same crap; Kristen says has fiance at gun point; John tells Belle this is on Kristen; B says Sami knew Kristen was alive & didn't tell them; B says Sa fired gun cause wanted info on EJ; Sa accuses Hope of hating her; H accuses Sa of making it about finding out about EJ; Sa gives her version where she's drugged; Hope accuses Sami if wants to find Kristen to get EJ info; H won't let Sa go back to hospital until she accepts responsibility; Sonny filling Adrienne in on everything & concerned Will wants to keep Sonny at arm's length; Eric asks W if spoke to Paul about this; W said not yet; Will tells Eric he needs to tell Paul and let him know what's going on w/him; P walks in & asks what's going on; Adrienne has to get to paper-wants to supervise article about shooting personally; Ad basically tells Sonny he has hope but to be patient; Ad leaves; Paul asks Will what's wrong; Eric goes to see if word on Mar; W tells P there's something he needs to know; John tells Belle to go back w/others waiting-he wants to be alone; B looks at wedding ring & reminds J that Mar placed it where it wouldn't be lost-Mar will be his wife again; B puts the ring in J's hand & talks about Mar/J love;

      Kristen tells Brady that people minding Eve are not gentle & threatens Brady again; Hope asks Sami when Kristen first contacted her-on tape; Sa tells H she will regret it Kristen gets away w/out telling about EJ or Mar dies while H keeping her there, Sa will make sure H regrets it-SHOW OVER


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