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That gun needs to be tested


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  • That gun needs to be tested

    Sami might be right Kristen could have rigged that gun to shoot in case she couldn't shoot her own mother,Hope needs to forget that this is Sami making the claim and have the gun tested.
    Last edited by Skins 2008; August 28, 2018, 01:57 PM.

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    Hope is the worst police commissioner. She was a much better detective. She shouldn't be in charge.


    • #3
      yes! let's have a few weeks worth of csi testing a gun.


      • #4
        Hope is still snippy about Sami and Rafe.....


        • #5
          The guns should have been bagged and where are the CSI team to do blood work and screen the site for evidence RC is not good at writing crime scene work. Essentially the scene is compromised and they never wrapped the scene in a police tape etc.. No good for a conviction and everything from there is hearsay and not permissible in court. and Sami was not read her rights so everything she says to is not evidence not bright cop Rafe and Hope they actually concealed a murder and she shot Stefano please.

          Abe never took control he is an ex cop and he should have know better he was off like a speed of lightning and well he never took control of the scene and no one told anyone to step back and the 2 doctors in attendance should have done this and should have controlled the bleeding.

          No witness statements at the scene and no one should have left the crime scene without a witness statement.

          Re dump the phones in a basket, the Drs should have said nope that is not happening. They cannot do this as they have patients and are on call back to the hospital.

          Best part Will has his memory back, and the Sonny Will scene priceless.

          As I said they cannot write crime scenes there.
          Last edited by pipera; August 29, 2018, 03:43 AM.


          • #6
            Make it so bad Shawn Douglass was there and she have took control as forensics cop.


            • #7
              Also if Sami had pulled the trigger wouldn't there be gunpowder residue on her hands? I don't know this from personal experience, LOL, but it seems to me that I hear about gunpowder being on the person's hands on almost all crime shows and shows where a gun has been fired.


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