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days live discussion 8/28/2018


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  • days live discussion 8/28/2018

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Brady taking phone call from Eve, but its Kristen; He's at the PD. She's in TBD; Eve is tied up and gagged; Paul telling Will that Sami shot Marlena; Will doesn't want to believe what happened, Paul explaining about Sami being drugged; "Sami had a gun, in the confusion, it went off." Will sees Marlena's blood on the floor "My mother shot my grandmother, Is Marlena okay??"; Jen is consoling Eric. "This isn't fair, she should be throwing her bouquet and drinking champagne, not fighting for her life."; Jen says no one is stronger than Marlena; Kayla and Val starting CPR, Kayla tells John to stand back- "I can help her! Come on Doc, I am not losing you, come on sweetie."; Rafe there to arrest Sami, she says she didn't do it, it was all Kristen's fault; Kristen telling Brady Eve is fine...for the moment; Eric shocked about Kristen and her hate for Marlena; Belle comes and brings coffee, says where is Sami I will slap her again; They shock Marlena with the paddles, John calling out "come on fight Doc! You got this, come on baby!"; Kayla tells him he has to step out, Steve tries to make him go, John crying saying "She needs me!"; Rafe is interrogating Sami about what happened. "All of a sudden Eric body slams me and the gun went off but I swear I did not squeeze that trigger."; Sami says maybe Kristen Rigged the gun cause she didn't shoot her mother; Kristen telling Brady remember those days when we were in love?; Brady "What do you want?" Kristen "What I can't have as usual."; Brady demanding to talk to Eve, Kristen asks him what is it with you and those Donovan sisters; Eve starts shouting when she takes the gag off and Kristen calls her stupid, the phone is on mute; Will going over exactly what happened;

    Paul thinks the possibility of EJ being alive is a pretty good motivator for Sami; Will says true, its not the first time that bitch has come after my family; Paul asks you don't remember tho right? Will says no; John to Val "You do whatever you have to to bring her back right now, you hear me? You hear me??!!" Val quietly replies "Yes, John."; Rafe tells Sami he's on her side, but needs the facts; Sami says she stood in front of the gun to protect her mom; Rafe tells her she has to come to the station to give a statement; Will can't believe his mom would intentionally shoot anyone; Paul says there are eyewitnesses; Brings up Ben re-strangling Will; Will defends her, Paul is surprised; Will "I can't believe she could have done this, but there are a lot of things I can't wrap my head around right now." Remembers telling Sonny he remembers his whole life; Paul says he looked for Will everywhere, where was he?; Eve tries to talk to Brady, Kristen mutes the phone and gags her again; Brady wants to know what she wants; Rafe dragging Sami out, Belle asks what the hell she is still doing there; Sami swears she didn't do it, Belle shouts I saw you!; John and Steve walk out to lean on the nurses station, Steve rubbing John's back; Everyone looks scared; Will says he needed to hydrate, Paul starts asking about Susan; Will will tell him later but he needs to go to the hospital ASAP; Will tells Paul I am glad your dad is okay; Paul replies "He won't be IF Marlena dies"


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      too many things going on in town


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        Paul going to PD, will meet Will at the hospital. They start to go (no kiss) and then Paul says "hey" and kisses Will, says ILY. Will says it back but shakes his head sadly when Paul leaves; Brady says he understands what Kristin wants, no funny business; Steve tells them Marlena flatlined briefly, but John being in the room talking to her, pulling for her he brought her back. John looking away, not talking.; Sami says John, I am sorry. Belle freaks out "You don't get to do this! You don't get to cry these crocodile tears and cry to my father." Belle listing all the **** Sami has does and its never her fault.; "You break people Sami. You break our lives and then you just walk away." Belle says of all the horrible things youv'e done I have never been more ashamed to call you my sister. Eric holding Belle; Sami tells Rafe if I leave Belle will turn everyone against me. Belle replies I won't even be thinking of you, I will be on my knees praying for mom. Maybe you should do the same - in your cell; Sami still trying to talk to John (he hasn't spoken all this time) and wants to see Marlena, we hear "Mom" and Sami sees Will and runs to hug him; Sami crying and hugging Will, everyone standing in the background; Will flashing back to wedding conversation with Sami. "you are a fantastic person and that's how you ended up with such a great person and an amazing daughter."; Will crying too, Sami apologizes "I just grabbed you and hugged you I wasn't thinking. Are you okay?; Sami asks him to please believe she wasn't herself, she loves her mom and she did not mean to do this; Rafe makes her go to the PD; Will promises that he understands; Brady hangs up with Kristen and goes to leave; Paul comes in to PD and asks Brady if there's any news on Kristen; Will tells Sami he understands about Ben now;

        Marlena is wheeled by on the way to surgery, everyone stops; John touches her hair, kisses her shoulder, quietly says "Hey doc"; Kayla tells them make it brief - John takes Kaylas hand and pulls her aside. Sami wants to talk to he, rafe says ok, just give them a minute. Marlena is groggy but awake, smiing at Belle. Belle "We need you, and you really need to marry Dad once and for all."; Eric tells her she gave him strength when he needed it, they all need her. Will goes over, she makes a happy noise to see him. "You were the first person to accept me for who I am, you loved me for me." He has a good old Marlena/Will flashback; "You have to come back Grandma. I remember now. I remember you, I remember what an amazing wonderful woman you are."; Paul thinks Kristin will reach out to Brady, Brady changing the subject, says he will go to the hospital. Paul says I will go with you for Dad and Will. Brady tells him stay at PD and wait for news.; Sami approaches Marlena, Belle whispers how dare you? Sami asks John if she can talk to her mom, he sadly nods at Belle that its ok. Belle says no but Eric pulls her away. John crying in the background, Sami says hey mom, Marlena smiles at her.; Sami talking to Marlena "don't you forget, there's only one person more stubborn than me and that's you." She tells Marlena she has to get better to lecture Sami about being smarter; Sami crying and apologizing, John takes her into his arms. Rafe tells her they have to go. John leans over Marlena and smiles at her thru tears;

        Paul picks up Kristen's police file, we see Brady at a hotel room with Kristen; "I'm not saying good bye Doc, Here's what I want you to do. You are gonna hang in there and you are going to come back home wit hus. I will be there to catch you."; He kisses her forehead "We have a wedding to finish Doc."; John crying at the nurses station. He goes in the room where they treated her picks up her bloody wedding dress, crying, and holds it to his chest; He starts sobbing-SHOW ENDS


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