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How many times has SAMI been arrested?!


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  • How many times has SAMI been arrested?!

    Does she hold the title with the most arrests?! She’s barely ever on and ends up getting arrested every time she returns to Salem! She has to be up there with Stephano on the arrest record!

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    She has actually only been arrested a few times until Ron started writing. Before Ron, she was only arrested for crimes she didn’t commit like the Franco murder and the time she killed Bernardi. Rafe arrested her once but that’s pretty much it before Ron. I think Ron didn’t realize that Sami never got arrested for crimes she committed. It’s ridiculous because Sami has gotten arrested more times under Ron’s writing than the whole 20 something yrs she’s been on days.
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      I think Ron sees Sami as a female Todd Manning, someone who is always going to be blamed for everything bad that in Salem even when she isn't in town.

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