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Good For You Belle


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  • magoo1000
    Aspiring soap scribe
    • Aug 2009
    • 18754

    Originally posted by knotsfan View Post
    I really don't get how everyone is blaming Sami for Marlena's shooting, when Eric was the one who grabbed the gun and caused it to go off. Very bizarre.

    Having said that, I, too, loved what Belle had to say, and Martha Madison is doing a fantastic job. She has a fire that other characters lack... characters like Jen, Lani, Val, Eli, Eric, etc. Her exasperation throughout the episode was spot on and I hope she's around for awhile.
    I agree with the bolded part. I feel that Eric's actions caused the gun to go off. And Sami swore to Rafe she did not pull the trigger.


    • naria
      Soap Addict
      • Dec 2012
      • 6860

      Originally posted by heavenlee1016 View Post
      I agree with everything Belle said and then some. Eric didn't make the gum go off Sami had already pulled the trigger. She would have shot John dead in the chest. Eric caused the gun to swing from John to Marlena, but how could have Eric pulled the trigger with his own fingers pushing Sami with his hands?
      Sami 100% the trigger because she wanted her precious EJ back because she always puts EJ first. Notice how no one even knows where her kids are because she has been on the run with them?
      And the minute she got to the hospital the drug miracously lifted and she didn't even get checked out?
      If I were Belle I'd rage on Sami too. When Sami acted all hurt saying I would never shoot our mother I would say well you sure had no problem shooting my father

      Belle and everyone seems to have forgotten that if it wasn't for the love that Ej has for Samii John would still be presumed dead in was Ej who in 2008 helped Reunite John with Marlena Ej did that for Sami ! Belle has no right to call Sami selfish Belle has never ever done anything besides constantly cheating on her husband Shawn everything Belle was self serving ! Sami has always been about family first Sami never gave up on finding out if Her Son Will was alive when everyone else doubted her she never gave up. Sami interrupted Marlena and John's wedding because she was trying to Stop Kristin from killing Marlena and it was Kristin not Sami who mentioned Ej first !


      • Carlys #1 Fan
        Contract Poster
        • Mar 2009
        • 3161

        I hate that self righteous, sanctimonious Belle. She was an annoying, selfish, whiny brat as a teenager and her daughter is 10 times works. I wish Sami would have knocked Belle out after that smack. It wasn’t Sami’s fault. If Eric didn’t grab Sami’s hand, the gun would not have gone off. Why isn’t anyone blaming him? Sami, after being kidnapped and drugged, still saved Marlena & John from Kristen. It’s riduclus she’s being blamed for this.


        • ekek
          Aspiring soap scribe
          • Mar 2004
          • 31439

          I applaud Belle. I don't care how drugged she was, she made it to the ceremony and defied Kristen by outing her. So why stand there considering her options? Shoot your mother? Or the man she loves? To get EJ back? There is no excuse for that hesitation. Sami is selfish and she is a wrecking ball.


          • 50yearfan
            50yearfan commented
            Editing a comment
            You are aware that drugs can affect your thinking, are you not?

          • dee2
            dee2 commented
            Editing a comment
            Yeah, today with Hope, before she issued her dire threat, it was if they didn't find Kristen so she could
            find out about EJ, first; if her Mom died, second. Priorities, lol.
        • Best Gamma
          • Oct 2007
          • 4800

          Sami only cares about Sami. The world revolves around her and what she wants. She hasn't changed since she was a teenager.


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