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Fun Thread HEAs For your favorite characters.


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  • Fun Thread HEAs For your favorite characters.

    Here are my HEAs for my favorite characters.
    1.Sami- Ends up with Lucas or ends the DiMera reign of terror..
    2.Patch ends up with Kayla helps end the DiMeras once for all and he becomes a mentor for young PIs
    3..Kayla- Ends up with Patch and they help stop the DiMeras.
    4.John and Marlena- They become the new Tom and Alice.
    5.Hope-.She starts to interact with a mysterious man on the computer and something seems oddly familiar about him she tries to find him and discovers it's Bo with memory loss she helps him remember their love and they get remarried.
    6.Gabi- She exposes Abby as a snake in the grass.

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    I agree that Bo and Hope should have their HEA, before this show ends for good. I like your idea,
    just don't let him be with Billie or Carly. If he had no memory of loving Hope they would not want
    to let go, lol.


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      I would love for Abby to expose GABI for the witch she is and Gabi to get what is coming to her for being a snake and finally she goes back to jail and Abby and Chad have their little girl Charlotte and Thomas and they are married and they renew their vows and they are happily together living a happy life away from Gabi who has to watch Abby and Chad be happy and everyone go on with their lives without her and everyone is happy not having Gabi their lives when they learn what she did to Abby and Chad making them think Abby was pregnant by her rapist they all dumped her.

      Eli and Lani finally end up together and get married

      JJ realizes he never knew Gabi and he moves on with his life and never talks to her again and he meets someone at his job and ends up happy and married with twins on the way.

      Chad realizes he never knew Gabi and tells her she is dead to him and to never talk to him again and that he wants Abigail and he would never choose her over the love of his life and he goes to Abigail and gets her back after a lot of begging and they reunite and are happy and Abby finally presses Charges on Stefan for her rape when she realizes he is never going to leave her alone since he is a stalker and Stefan goes to jail for rape and espionage when it comes out that he has been embezzling money out of DiMera. Stefan gets out of jail and ends with Gabi where they are miserable for the rest of their lives together.

      Sonny and Will reunite and go after custody of Arianna when they realize that Gabi was using her daughter for her revenge and they realize they need to protect her from her toxic mother and she grows up to know all the horrible things her mother has done and Sonny and Will adopt another kid and are happy together raising Arianna and they get remarried.

      Sami finds EJ and they reunite and are happy together with their children and they renew their vows and they are just so happy to be together.

      Kayla and Steve are fine when he finds out what she did with Stefan he forgives her when he realizes that she did it because she loves him so much. Steve works with Chad and everyone and they finally bring down Stefan for good and he is forced to leave Salem since everyone in town wants him gone or dead.

      Ciara and Tripp get married and have two kids and she finally realizes she was wrong about Ben when he tried to strangling Claire in her sleep. But they found him in time and Claire was fine. Claire figures out that she has been a horrible friend and family member to Ciara and they make up and she realizes that Tripp will never want her she moves on and her and Wyatt get together and everyone is happy.


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        I hope Sami finds EJ alive and they reunite I'll take a ejami reunion on or off screen I


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          I hope Will longs for Paul, and realizes it's not there with Sonny. Recast Paul.

          I know this is awful, but I hope Stefan falls in love with Kayla. No ageism here.

          I hope Tripp starts to see Gabi once in awhile, and starts a friendship with her. A friendship that transforms into love. The blond on the, I meant the blond and the brunette. What a dynamic couple they would be.

          I wish Jack and Jennifer were together again. With his return, start fresh, build them slowly.

          I want Ciara to get counselling regarding the impact sexual assault has had on her life. Keep Ben and her as friends for now. We all know though, that the best intimacy is underpinned by friendship.

          Bring back Andre. Allow something solid to evolve with that strumpet Kate. They were good together.

          Brady and Eve get pregnant. Far fetched, but I would love to see that happen, in this era of late in life pregnancies. I love them together too. This is maybe the only time Eve ever cared about anyone more than herself. Her giddiness and joy when Brady gave her the engagement ring was one of my favorite DOOL scenes ever.

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            EJAMI definitely! Obviously, Days wants to continue this dynamic love story. I believe it will happen someday! EJ is the only man for Sami, and Sami is the only lady for EJ. That can't be any more obvious!


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              These are the characters still currently in Salem I like now or liked once upon a time.

              Gabi-Leaves Salem

              Ciara-Leaves Salem

              Ben-Leaves Salem

              Kayla-Leaves Salem

              Patch-Leaves Salem

              Hope-Leaves Salem

              Kate-Leaves Salem
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              • #8
                Chad and Abby
                For Abby to team up with her brother to expose Gabi. Chad to start becoming suspicious of Gabi as well but play along with her until he has proof of what she is up to. Chad realising he wants to be with Abby even with the knowledge it's suppose to be Stefan's baby that Abby is carrying. Gabi's revenge plan blows up in her face and for her to suffer some consequences by people turning away from her. Stefan to lost his mind and the Dimera company because of his obsession with Abby being known by the board. Abby and Chad to reunite properly and decide that they want to leave Salem for a new life and have a lovely goodbye with their families and friends before they go on their way.

                Will and Sonny
                For Will to decide he wants to be with Sonny before anything happens to Paul. For them to not reunite as Sonny realises that it would be too hard on Will with the turn of events that causes their reunion issues. For Will to be pinning for Sonny while still with Paul. For Sonny to painfully let go of Will and move on. Sonny to start casually dating again and not for it to go the way that it did with Leo. Will to be upset and jealous as he sees Sonny on a date possibly kissing which gives him a flashback of when Sonny and Brian kissed. Paul to finally admit to himself what he sees with Will and his behaviour upon getting back all his memories. Paul and Will to talk honestly and openly about their relationship and Will's feelings for Sonny. Paul and Will to break up and Paul to make the decision to leave Salem and go and be with his mother knowing he doesn't want to be around for Will and Sonny reconciling. John to be sad but understanding of Paul's decision. Paul and Sonny to have a final chat before he leaves town. Paul to say goodbye to his family before he departs. Will and Sonny to get together for a long overdue talk and admit that they are still in love with one another. But that they also come to realise that they can't rush into a reunion as they have to face the issues that caused problems in their marriage. Decide to take it slowly and dated but be exclusive. A year or so later to get remarried. Sonny to have a child,through a surrogate. To always understand that at times things will not be perfect but to believe in their deep love and connection. For Will to not have to ever cheat!

                Eric and Nicole
                For Nicole to expose Brady's blackmailing which caused her to have leave Eric. Eric to get into a fight with Brady but ultimately walk away before it gets too brutal but wash his hands of his brother. Eric and Jennifer to break up when she sees how he is still in love with Nicole despite his protest. Eric to discover that either Nicole is miraculously pregnant with Eric's child,or,to,have had his baby. Eric and Nicole to reunite, quietly marry before leaving Salem but not before saying goodbye to family and friends.

                John and Marlena
                For it to be touch and go with Marlena in hospital but for to ultimately survive. For Marlena to slowly but not too slowly recover from her ordeal at the hands of Kristen. For Marlena and John to spend quality time with their children and have a small ceremony to remarry each other before their children depart. To NOT have another divorce!

                Mimi and Rex?
                To meet up again after all these years and slowly find their way back to each other. To marry and have a child together and then leave Salem for new adventures.

                Philip and Chloe
                The return of Philip Kirakis as played by JKJ. To get involved with the company taking over from Brady who is angered by this. Parker to have a medical problem and for only Philip to help him which exposes that he is the true biological father of Parker. Chloe and Philip to get closer because of the situation with Parker ending up in another ONS which ends up with Chloe pregnant. Philip to support Chloe and for them to fall in love over the process. Chloe to give birth to twins and them to marry soon after. Chloe to get a record deal and offer to do tours overseas in which Philip and the kids leave with Chloe to help and supported her with her career.

                Roman and Kate
                With the possibility of Rex's return, for this to be the catalyst that brings them back together and into a long term relationship if not marriage.

                Also would love eventual happy endings for JJ, Claire, Ciara (but not with Ben


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                  Hope- Dump Rafe and find someone even if it isn't Bo to spend the rest of her life with.
                  Jack/Jennifer reunite for good
                  JJ- Finally get his edge back and hopefully find someone that will make sure it stays there.
                  Claire- End up with Rory, write a gossip column for the Salem Spectator

                  That's for the current characters at the moment.


                  • #10
                    My HEA for certain characters
                    • I want Sami to find EJ! Let a woman be a hero!
                    • Chad chooses Gabi over Abby!!! They marry under a big Lilley tree!!!
                    • Stefan be a rock for Abby!!!
                    • Lucas marries Chloe!!!
                    • Kate still wants Ted
                    • JJ & Theresa
                    • Rafe Jr for Sami & Rafe
                    • CIN for life!!!!
                    • Tripp & Claire
                    • Holly is Eric's kid!
                    • Xander robs Chad as the CEO of Titan
                    • Brady & Eve
                    • Susan reunites with Edmund, but also wants threesome with Rogar!


                    • tiff5555
                      tiff5555 commented
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                      Skins 2008 I had a good laugh with your post of Gabi! Hope Chad leaves Abby in the grass for the Lavender Spig, Gabi.

                    • Skins 2008
                      Skins 2008 commented
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                      Thanks tiff5555 It would be funny if Chad did leave Abby for Gabi and she did hiss at him like a snake!

                    • tiff5555
                      tiff5555 commented
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                      Laughing on my floor right now Skins 2008 Abby needs to release how she is feeling, instead of hiding it. She does not like Chad with Gabi, and she is very curious of Stefan.

                  • #11
                    Ben and Ciara are married and have twins (Bo and Zach).
                    Tripp realizes it's Claire he really wants and moves on from Ciara, knowing she's happily married to Ben.
                    Paul finds love with someone new after WilSon inevitably reunites.
                    Hope is reunited with a very much alive Bo.
                    Jack is found alive and reunites with Jennifer.
                    Sami finally finds EJ and they share a tearful reunion.
                    Chad and Abby live HEA far away from Salem.
                    Stefan finds his HEA with his hand and Gabby's wig.


                    • Chabby lover
                      Chabby lover commented
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                      I love the one about his hand and Gabby's wig it does seem he is obsessed with the wig

                    • soapjunkie1987
                      soapjunkie1987 commented
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                      LMAO It's the only one he deserves.

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