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Week of August 27th Promo, Spoilers and Photos


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  • SPOILER! Week of August 27th Promo, Spoilers and Photos


    Last edited by Chabby lover; August 24, 2018, 05:35 PM.

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    Ho Hum ... Regardless of what happens the writers will "fix" it. Kind of ruins the excitement imo.


    • BBDaysBabe
      BBDaysBabe commented
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      I agree. Marlena will certainly survive and forgive so I'm not going to bother wasting emotions on this.

    • Key
      Key commented
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      Yup. Meanwhile she gets to lie down a lot without being strenuously possessed.

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    Wow! Who were the two people who crashed through the window?????
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    • Chabby lover
      Chabby lover commented
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      If the spoilers I have read correctly it is Paul and Kristen. There is a spoiler that says Paul's life hangs in the balance.

    • mahdi
      mahdi commented
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      Thanks! I hope Paul doesn't die. I know Kristen won't.

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    Spoilers Highlights of This Week
    • Marlena has been shot!
    • Sami reels over the news of EJ
    • Sami's ex, arrest Sami again!
    • Will keeps something away from Paul
    • Kristen seduces Brady!
    • Hope vs Sami!!!
    • Paul in Kristen's schemes takes a horrific turn!!
    • Jennifer comes clean to Eric
    Keep watching Days for more surprises along the way!


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      Poor Paul i hope he doesnt die!!

      cant wait to see Hope and Sami face off. I hope Sami tells Hope to shut the hell up and go confess to killing Stefano lol!

      as usual Sami is being blamed for everything .meanwhile Kristen somehow manages to get away? Smh
      Last edited by Flowercity79; August 25, 2018, 12:01 AM.


      • ILUVMassimo
        ILUVMassimo commented
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        Absolutely spot on flowercity

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      Sounds boring i will be skipping this week


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        I hope Paul does not die....I guess he won't be finding EJ for Sami, if the rumor is true Another dent in this saga, unless Sami finds him this time, off screens. I think EJ is held captive in Kristen's hands. It is odd that he never went back to Sami...them again we know, because of the actor. I am hoping next year or so, we do see EJ in the original actor form. The audience of a certain fans, has been waiting!


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          Is that Rafe on the floor? Shoot him Hope, it's the only way to be sure!


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            Ewww. Death by defenestration. Paul gonna slide into the pearly home plate. Ewwwww...


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              Sami always gets blamed for everything while Kristen and Gabi are free to commit more crimes.
              Last edited by Samisbiggestfan; August 27, 2018, 02:46 PM.


              • tiff5555
                tiff5555 commented
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                What got this have to do with Kristen & Gabi? All three are cut from the same cloth! Sami is a grey character like them! They could be evil, but they do have big hearts!

              • ALoyalSoapFan
                ALoyalSoapFan commented
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                Actually, tiff, I do not view Samantha Gene nor Gabriella as "evil", perhaps, a sorta "gray" but neither of them are "evil!" Now, Kristen, is another story, she's a "vampire" who's just plain "mean-mean-mean" lol Although, SH, will always be "Patti Cakes" (nickname her brother Paul/Y&R gave her) she's knocking it out the park as Kristen and Susan. IF ED doesn't want to resume her role then I'd accept SH!

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