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Days live discussion 8/24/2018


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  • Days live discussion 8/24/2018

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Will stands at the park bench and remembers his wedding-he's quite teary; Sonny shows up at the bench and looks at Will with concern; Abe asks Mar if takes John; Sami comes screaming in to stop the wedding--she's a mess saying "you can't marry him"; Susan pulls gun out of purse; Sonny asks Will what's wrong-why not at wedding; W says he needs air-feels weird-needs water-will go with him; Mar asks Sami if drunk-Sami says to Abe if pronounce husband & wife "she's gonna die"; Sami tells figured out her plan-was tied up & figured out plan; Eric tries help Sami out; Sami says not drunk-was druged-she's here & will do something to you; John asks Sami who she's talking about; Sami going thru guests-starts grabbing Susan & fighting; Sonny asks Will if feeling better-they're alone at Doug's; S asks W if needs to go to hospital; W says he'll be fine; S tells W he knows W looks away when something bothering him & S wouldn't back down-takes his hand and asks what happened; Will tells Sonny "I remembered out wedding" and looks at S; Sonny now teary "Wow"; Will nods & agrees; Sonny realizes the wedding triggered something; W says looked at Mar & remembered she looked as happy as she did the day she married us; W says he has to go; S asks W to tell him all he remembered; Sonny tells Will this matters; W tells S that Mar will wonder where he is; S says you mean Paul; W says yes Paul; S asks W why scared to tell him what he remembered; S tells W he not only remembered what happened but how felt;

    Sami screaming at Susan; Mar says I invited her-spoke to her doctors; Sami yells, she's not Su at all!!; Will agrees to tell Sonny-W says he feels lucky cause he loves Paul & Paul loves him; S says W was robbed from his past but now he's running from his past; S asks W if loving means forgetting him; W says was looking at his grandmother who loved him his whole life; Will says felt her love and that of all the people at their wedding; W says he felt Sonny's love & his own for S; W remembers his vows again-thru rings also this time & thru the end of their ceremony; Sonny/Will both crying now; S asks W if remembers after that; W remembers their kiss; Susan keeps saying she's Su; Paul looks at his phone; Sami/Susan fighting & Kristin's revealed; "Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Kristin DiMera is back"; Kristin pulls her gun out; Eric holding Sami; Eric wants to bring Sami to doc; Kristen says Sami just on drug, she'll bounce back like Eric did & comments to Jen about Eric's birthmark; Kristen talks about all giving up phones-both she & Mar got what they wanted; Steve runs for Kristen but she lets off a shot & breaks a large vase; Kristen says "Easy Cyclops"; Mar tells Kristen "like father like daughter"; Kristen says Susan really was at Mar's home but was able to manipulate her; John asks Kristen what she wants; Kristen says Sami knows;

    Kristen says Mar pushed her out of window & left her for dead but she won't be so lucky; Will tells Sonny the memories keep coming-he remembers the reception, Grandma Caroline's speech & can feel all the love for his family;


    • #3
      Will remembers talking to "my mom"-flashback of Sami/Will private talk about family; John tells Kristen to put down gun-you survived; Mar says won't press charges if puts down gun; Kristen tells Mar left her for dead-chose this day to end Mar's life-no happily ever after; Sami tells Mar this is why had to stop wedding; Kristen tells Sami get out of the way; Brady tells Kristen she can stop this; Kristen says Brady I hoped you'd be here; Will says hardly imagine anyone forgetting my mom; W tells Sonny remembers how hard coming out to mom; Will remembers w/Sonny about Lucas being supportive until found out about them and they talk about L coming around & being happy for them; Will says took long figuring things out; Sonny offering supportive statements as W remembers being hard on his parents; Will laughs about his family never being boring-remembers everything about his parents; Sonny supports all he says; W/S talk about Sami getting Ben to get his memory back; S says Sami loves him; W agrees; Brady tells Kristen he knows her better than anyone-talks about the person who wants love-what screwed that up; Brady tells Kristen her need for revenge made her like this; Kristen says Brady changed mind about her cause of what she did to Eric & holds gun on him now; Brady/Eric standing next to each other in front of Mar/John/Sami; Kristen holds gun on them & says made big mistake; guests gasp;

      Kristen says she was there for Mar only but now Brady took her down memory lane & she'll widen scope of operation; Abe says too many there-there'll be witness-life in prison; Brady threatened; Kristen asks how Eve's sister-should've been her child; Kristen tells Sami to move; Kristen throws gun to Sami & tells her she'll shoot; Will wants to tell all remembers them & loves them, mom, dad, daughter-remembers holding Ari first time; W asks Sonny if he remembers Nick, S nods as W remembers holding her when Nick put Ari in his arms; Will says "I remember our daughter"; Kristen starts talking to Sami about killing John and letting Mar watch; Kristen talks to Sami about finding J/Mar on conference table years ago; Sami says she & J worked it out; Kristen tells Sami EJ is alive; Sami is a bigger confused mess now;

      Sami tells Kristen doesn't believe her-tells how injected EJ before died; Sami was holding gun on Kristen; Will/Sonny happy as W remembering his whole life-even S delivering Ari-remembers kiss as left K-mans after wedding; W/S kiss; Paul worried where Will is; Kristen says W is fine-doesnt know where he is; Kristen tells Sami EJ wants Kristen to take Sami to EJ but only if shoots Mar; Sami confused & in pain-Eric goes to grab gun & it goes off!!!-SHOW ENDS


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        Gosh darn it! I forgot to set my DVR for the show today and missed it!!!! So thank you ChabbyLover for this fabulous read. I am so glad it was an accident about Marlena being shot. Sami wouldn't have shot either one; she would have turned the tables on Kristen somehow. I really don't see how Sami is responsible for Marlena being shot. It wasn't even her gun and she didn't shoot on purpose. It went off when Eric tried to grab it. Team Sami all the way!


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