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Preview: Friday, August 24th. Episode


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  • SPOILER! Preview: Friday, August 24th. Episode

    Will & Sonny have a close moment. Chaos begins at the wedding. Sami arrives disheveled and intoxicated with a warning for Marlena. She is in danger! Kristen arrives to cause more turmoil, and a shocking announcement to Sami. Sami is faced with an impossible choice. A shocking twist leads to tragedy!

    Source: TV Guide Soaps

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    Thanks again, Cady.............


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    Sami is face with an impossible choice,,,,,
    she is always with an impossible choice and most of the time Sami will go with the wrong choice.
    she needs Lucas to get her back on track as always, Love having AS/Sami back.
    hope to see some Sami Will and Lucas.


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      Poor Sami! Her desperation to find EJ causes tragedy at the wedding. Soap Gods, please let Sami find EJ already! She has been yearning and mourning EJ for four years. Obviously, there has to be a climax to this story. I praise RC for continuing the EJAMI story, and showing the immense depth of love Sami has for EJ. Hopefully, we will have that HEA someday..


      • Abby_fan
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        That sounds more like an obsession. I hope EJ reunite with Sami soon because I know anyone who loves someone wouldn’t want that person to spend four years looking for him, especially with three small children.

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      I think this may be the end of finding EJ! It was said that her choice was, not to find EJ, because he was impossible to find. Maybe later, Lucas will help, which may be his exit story, which may be this December.

      As much I loved EJAMI, I am losing hope.


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        so what's the tragedy?


        • CADY
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          Sami shoots Marlena in error. That is the tragedy!

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