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My unpopular(?) opinion about a character


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  • My unpopular(?) opinion about a character

    Well I don't if this going to be "unpopular" as it is probably just more along the lines of something that most people-for good reason- really didn't give much thought to one way or another But I wish they had done more with the character of Diane. Yes I'm talking about the inmate who beat my poor Gabi up.

    I say this for a couple of reasons: One I'm bummed that Gabi didn't get any payback against her for what she did. But also because I thought the actress Cassandra Creech- who is a day veteran of shows like "Another World<" and "As the World Turns" did a terrific job of creating an interesting character out of very limited airtime. I was genuinely intrigued by her.

    Here are things I would have explored:

    A. How did a woman who was actually incarcerated for a shot attain what was obviously a position of authority among the inmates of a maximum security prison. This was shown by how she got the women who were harassing Gaib-who Gabi knew from her first prison stint- do what she wanted. The warden said she had a lot of friends. I can't imagine the girl friend of a police commissioner, even a corrupt one like Raines. would be all hat popular. She obviously didn't do with her meek personality.

    B. She knew how to fight. Was she in law enforcement?

    C. Did she teach self-defense classes?

    D. Did she dress up like Barney and make balloon animals at children's birthday parties?

    Oh come on, like I'm the only one who thought D/

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    Usually, I think people are street smarts, may have grown stronger on their own, alone thru abuse in childhood. That I think where Diana came from.


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      At first when you said "Diane" I had no idea which inmate you were talking about. But it was Cassandra Creech! So of course, I know her. I remember her from Another World and As the World Turns. She's a talented actress, so, yes, they could have developed her character. I notice that she was on Days before back in 2010, but I don't remember what her character was like.

      It seems to me she played an attorney on something. Was that Dana Kramer on Another World? Not sure, but what came to my mind when I saw her was that she would have made a good assistant for our District Attorney. I'm serious - I can just those two women plotting someone's demise in the courtroom.
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