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days live discussion 8/22/2018


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  • days live discussion 8/22/2018

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    John in tux w/Steve & Abe at his side-excited to get married in HTS; Kayla walks down aisle & Steve tells her she looks beautiful & they need to talk now; J tells Steve to talk later; Steve says right after vows; Val there to sing in honor of couple; Abe says no-she can't sing; Abe/Val have strange interaction and John says today not about Abe/Val; Steve says w/bionic eye already saw Mar; Brady/Eric walk Mar down aisle; most seats empty; Abe starts ceremony; Abe calls for Orpheus-says a wedding in Salem in needs interruption-there's nothing; Ave starts traditional vows w/John-he says I do; ;Ave asks Mar vows-Mar says I do; bandaged ace interrupts ceremony-it's Roman saying Mar can't marry this loser, Ro says he's the real John Black; Mar asks who John is--gives a whole slew of names for J; J tells Doc that Roman's had too much clam chowder; Mar leaves J and is Hattie and Ro/Hat kiss; J picks up doll and leaves with Doc-doll; Mar wakes with nightmare yelling NO-realizes it's a dream; Susan enters Mar's bedroom and wishes her a happy wedding day; Eric at pub w/tux and Roman tells Eric has to start day off right w/breakfast; Ro asks Eric how John's shiner is; Eric says not so good; Ro says baseball did more damage than a stripper would have; Abe/Steve//Brady try to tell John not to stress w/his major black eye; J says can't marry this way-Mar wanted it perfect;

    Knock at loft door-Claire opens it to Shawn who asks where Ben is; Shawn freaking out about Claire living w/serial killer; Claire says she's fine; Belle there too & upset Claire hiding that shacking up w/psychopath who killed Will; Claire tells Shelle that Mar said it was okay; Claire tells Shawn and Belle she's over 18; Belle tells Shawn to talk to Claire cause she needs to do million things for wedding; John wants to push wedding back a couple of days; Steve says some women like man w/1 good eye; Brady tells J today is--it's anniversary to first wedding; Val & Kayla at Doug's and find doll-talk about Susan odd person; Kay tells Val about the finale of Susan's tarot card reading; V says wedding will go off without hitch; Kay remembers her wedding at same place; Val reminds Kay that Steve thinks Kay is wonderful gift; Val warmly encouraging to Kayla about her relationship w/Steve & then sees she's so upset; Mar asks Susan how she got in; Susan says showed same time as maid who let her in when said they're friends & invited to wedding; Susan dressed in LOUD dress; Mar holding her phone;

    Susan asks Mar why jittery-is it because she'll show her up at wedding; Mar says no-had a nightmare about wedding; Su says sorry-she & John go together like peanut butter & bananas-won't try steal him away like before; Mar knows; Susan tells Mar that Kristin is mean & told her again when visited her at hospital; Mar shaken "you saw Kristin?"


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      Roman tells Eric feeling good; Eric tells Ro sorry things didn't work out w/Anna; Ro says they had a good time, despite her prob-left it good & now asks Eric if he & Jen set date; Eric looks at watch & says needs to get ready; Ro says not going to wedding; Val tells Kayla & Belle she's just wedding emotional; Belle surprised that Kay & Steve haven't spoken about Tripp and the Ben situation cause they talk about everything; Abe calls Val about covert mission to Inn-says needs to see a patient; Kayla & Belle go to help Mar as Val leaves; Mar asks Susan if thought saw Kristin; Su says she definitely did on New Year's Eve in Memphis hospital; Mar says Kristin dead; Mar asks Su what she said; ;Su says hazy-saw Kristin thru a cloud; Mar says like her dream about wedding; Mar tells Susan maybe her mind was playing a trick; Susan asks Mar if thinks still crazy; Mar says no; Su says she'd swear on Elvis's grave that Kristin alive; Shawn apologizes to Claire for barging in the way he did and explains how worried he is-wishes more connected to Claire; Shawn tells Claire knows she's an adult but in heart she's his little girl and not ready for her to grow up; Claire says will always be his little girl-they hug; Belle/Kayla show at Mar's room and says what Susan thinks saw; Su says "I don't see dead people"; Belle asks where Su was; Mar tells them that Su was on heavy meds and thinks maybe brought on hallucination; Su says maybe Mar is right; Kayla tells Susan since it's Mar's day let's not talk about Kristin; Su starts talking about diff interpretation of lover's card; Kay interrupts and tells Su to go make sure centerpieces are centered; talk about hourglass meaning Mar/John love timeless/eternal;

      Mar wonders who Val's patient is at hospital; Val looks at John's eye; all say desperate to try anything; V says she has idea but will need help-can't do it alone; Eric asks Roman why not going to wedding; Ro says ex at wedding seems awkward or strange-no residual feelings-will this one out; Eric says first Sami, now him; Ro asks if Sami okay; Eric tells Ro that Susan back in town-maybe good Sami not there; Belle giggles about Kayla giving centering centerpieces job to most off center person; Brady shows at Doug's & sees Susan; Su startles; Su tells Brady she snagged Sami's seat-can't believe not coming to wedding; Brady tells Su looking for Val's make up bag that she left there; Susan so focused; Belle got something from John to give to Mar for her to wear-it's a charm w/their wedding date; Kayla says something old & borrowed-lace hankie; Belle says Carrie was supposed to bring something blue; Belle says doll has blue ribbon; Mar says left it at Doug's; Susan sees doll on floor and seems upset by sight of it there; Eric tells John Paul still has an arm; Steve looking thru make up colors; Brady brings Val's big make up bag; V and all getting amused about doing John's make-up; Brady tells the rest of guys about seeing Susan centering centerpieces-so wacked;

      Brady worries that Susan dangerous-last moved turned Will into her dead son; Belle doesn't like idea of Susan coming to wedding; Mar tells Kayla/Belle that Su harmless; Mar says Su apologized to her & Will & believes in her; Kay worries about Su seeing Kristin; Mar tells Belle/Kayla saw Kristin fall to her death and knows Susan harmless; Su tells doll must've been left by accident-wonders if not accident-she went thru such trouble to make her look just like Mar-rude to leave doll on floor like garbage-maybe Mar doesn't really care; Val comes out of bathroom and says "see for yourself" when curious if worked; we see John's silhouette but no J yet;

      John looks back to normal and praise Val and thank her; Brady says one less thing for Mar to worry about; Brady tells J about Susan at wedding; J can't believe this & makes call to Mar; Mar picks up smiling; J asks Mar about Susan invited to wedding-Su unhinged; Mar says spoke to Susan's doc and she's okay-what's harm is giving her this happiness; John says Mar has big heart; Mar doll on table with steak knife in her back!-SHOW ENDS


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