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Days live discussion 8/21/2018


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  • Days live discussion 8/21/2018

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Will on laptop and Paul comes in & tosses a baseball to him; P talks about baseball theme for John's bachelor party-thought W would help P set up; W tells P that Kate paid off Ted-nightmare over; mystery women in hall outside W's room; Steve runs into Kayla at hospital; Kay doesn't have time to talk; Steve gives Kay the news about finding Bon & Adrienne can now breathe easy; Kay wants to go; Steve says he wants to breathe easy & asks Kay about her secret; Several setting up Doug's for wedding; Eve/Jen can't avoid each other & are clearly at odds; Claire talks about where to put everything & bossing Brady/Eric around; Claire excited about her surprise for Grandma Marlena; Mar insists that John & she are separated for night-no more chances; John assures Mar nothing will go wrong tomorrow at wedding; Mar gets call and says "oh no"; Steve tells Kayla knows she's in bad situation & no matter what he won't stay upset w/her-wants to help her; Val interrupts, asking Kay if ready to go; Kay promises to talk in the morning; Steve clearly upset; Mar tells John that Noah sick so Carrie/Austin can't come; John reminds Mar that Belle/Shawn coming & rest of family will be there; J tells Mar back luck no matter for true love; Mar has pre-wedding jitters; J has cure but Mar says no; J thinks about taking Mar doll to his party & Mar says "that's so wrong"; John & Mar have a kiss before he leaves; Paul confirms w/Will it's really over; W says it'll take long time but he'll pay Kate back; P talks about W's integrity and apologizes for thinking he was cheating; Knock on W's door-it's Susan; W shocked; Su says "I'm back"; Claire talking about the romance of a wedding; Eve tells Claire to make sure w/someone who thinks most important; Eric drops the name of book gave Jen; Brady calls Eve on it & says Jen always thinks high & mighty; Eve promises to be on best behavior for bachelorette party;

    Will asks Susan if she escaped; Su says she's sane & has certificate-is there for amends/apologies; W asks where Roger is; Su says R couldn't leave Graceland; Su gaining courage-says not easy to face what she did-bad thing turning W into EJ; Will knows Susan loves him; Su glad W is happy & hugs W; W tells Su has to go to bachelor party for John; Su happy for John & Marlena; Su wants to apologize to bride to be; W says no-Mar having party at Doug's; Women at party going to paint lilacs as they're Mar's favorite flower; Claire tells Mar that Hope couldn't be at party; before they start painting Belle makes entrance; Mar so happy Belle came day early; Claire convinced Belle; B asks where Sami & Carrie are; ;Mar tells about Noah sick; B doesn't know why Sami not coming; John at pub talking to Roman; Ro is happy for J & Mar; J thanks Ro means a lot to J that Ro said that; Eric/Brady playing darts and Abe tells them how much it means to John to see them brothers again; Will shows at pub-tells John that Susan in town to apologize; W tells he told Susan to wait until after wedding but not sure if she will; Belle asks Claire what's happening; Eve wants to give the bad news that Ben living at loft but Mar cuts her off; Mar asks the women if anyone knows who sent doll; Eve says whoever sent it as a gift is crazy; Susan walks-she's excited Mar got her gift;

    Susan takes doll; Mar asks Su why there; Su wanted to be near her near & dear; Val wonders who woman is; Eve comments on not enough crazies in town-pours more wine; Su lets it out that Will said where party is-thanks Mar for getting her help;


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      Susan also apologizes for kidnapping Will; Mar is very understanding & tells her to take care of herself; Su sees paint easels & wants to join the party-confirms Sami not there; Mar says she's not there; Su basically invites herself to wedding; Steve gets bullseye w/darts; John wants to do some pitching outside w/Paul & Will not joining; Roman asks W what's up; Ro understands W doesn't remember this family he's partying with; W tells Ro that Sonny told him still loves him & told So he loves P; Will tells Roman didn't tell Paul cause doesn't want him to worry about nothing; Ro asks if sure it's nothing; W says yes; Ro says then all will be okay; John all excited as tossing baseball w/Paul in HTS; John tells Paul that Mar worried about all the bad luck stuff; P says he had lucky socks for big games; J always wanted to catch 100 mile an hour ball from major league pitcher; J insists so Paul throws-Abe calls J & he turns & gets walloped in the face; Belle asks Mar if John will be okay w/Susan at wedding; Mar says asked Su's docs & they said she was okay; Eve making nasty remarks to Jen; Mar joins Kayla who's isolated herself; Kay tells Mar she has to speak to Steve; Kay worried Steve won't understand; Susan tells Kayla her pal Celeste taught her how to do Tarot reading & starts even w/out Kay's enthusiastic joining; Su says looks like someone keeping big fat secret from husband; John in pub; Steve knows term "orbital fracture"- says picked it up from his wife; Roman brings back of frozen veggies for massive bruise; John says "doc's gonna kill me"; Claire draws the death card in the Tarot reading-this is not going well;

      Belle looks worried; Val reminds Claire the death card means renewal-all seem happier; Susan asks Mar to pick a card; Su thrilled she picked the lovers card--all excited; Mar says bad luck no match for true love; Steve brings John to Inn-it's a horrible black eye; Mar thanks everyone for lovely party & gets hugs from Kayla, Belle, Claire; Mar goes home; Kayla admires Jen's painting; Eve gets nasty w/remarks to Jen about both of them blowing up their relationships if Jen opens mouth w/her empty threats; Susan singling in corner with doll "Here comes the bride"; Steve looking up ways to help bruise; Mar at door-asks to come in; J says not supposed to see each other until next day; Mar wants say goodnight; J says what about superstitions; Mar says over them-wants to hold him; Door opens & Mar has a WTH look on her face; Jen talks privately w/Kayla about seeing her face when Susan turned over card; J & Kay don't know what they'll tell; Kay tells J that Eric doesn't want Nic back-it'll just cause rift w/Brady again; Brady/Eric back-thrilled to see Belle-Brady hugs them both;

      Jen asks Eric if they can go out for ice cream; Abe tells Will sorry he distracted John but will make it up when marries them; John is wearing patch-says lost best & has to wear it all night; J/Mar making pirate jokes-she thinks it's cute; Mar/John start kissing after they agree "what could go wrong"; Susan freaks that lovers card upside down; Kayla asks what it means; Su says the marriage is doomed-SHOW ENDS


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