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Casey Moss (JJ) announces exciting new film role


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  • Casey Moss (JJ) announces exciting new film role

    Days of Our Lives Star Casey Moss In Brand-New Flick

    JJ hasn’t had a whole lot to do lately on Days of Our Lives, but soon you’ll be seeing more of actor Casey Moss.

    The Daytime Emmy-nominated actor will star in the new movie The Last Champion and shared the good news on social media with an image of the film’s promotional shot, stating “Coming Soon.”
    The Last Champion stars Cole Hauser as the lead character, John. The movie’s official IMDB page says this about the film’s story: “When his mother dies, scandal-ridden ex-Olympian John Wright returns to a hometown that has not forgiven him.”

    Moss plays the role of Scott Baker, a (former?) wrestler who still lives in John’s hometown and is possibly one of the many the protagonist he has issues with, stemming from their shared past. Moss trained with wrestler Joel Sherer for three months prior to filming.

    Also appearing in the film is Michael Lowry, who is no stranger to soaps. The actor portrayed Jake Martin on All My Children, Les Sweeney on As the World Turns, Dr. Hillman on The Bold and the Beautiful, and Ross Rayburn on One Life to Live.

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    looking forward to seeing it. When is it scheduled for release?


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      It was supposed to be for 2019 now IMDB is stating its 2018 I think its coming out earlier than expected.

      This might explain why we haven't seen much of JJ these days.


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