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days live discussion 8/20/2018


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  • days live discussion 8/20/2018

    What do you think about today's days of our lives

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    Hope at loft asks Ciara why asked Ben to live at loft; Ciara says to protect him from you; Adrienne gets call from Steve-he's at PD-tells her has Bonnie with him; Bonnie looks nervous in inter room; Will tells Sonny should get going-partnership officially over; Will starts to go & Sonny says what if doesn't want it over; Kate holds gun to Ted; Ted asks K what she's doing; K says taking control-rather than paying him off she'll off him; Ted tells Kate don't want to do this; ;K says not bluffing; T says not killer; K says gun killed Viv-she's serious!; Sonny tells Will he's still important to him-they've always made great team; W says they made a great team & had each other's backs & lucky to have as friend; Sonny tells Will still loves him; W tells S to stop; Ciara tells Hope she tried to use her power to run Ben out of town; H says doesn't regret trying to get B to leave town-says B is threat; Ciara says no proof of fire; Tripp starts to chime in but Claire says they should stay out; Ciara says Hope using power to punish innocent man so who's the real monster; Steve sits opposite Bonnie-he tells her she's going away for a long time-goes over what she did; Bon tells Steve she's a good person w/good part; Starts to flirt with Steve to give her way to get her out; Steve tells her she's out of her mind- "you look like my sister"; Steve leaves room; Bonnie smiled when Steve left inter room; Kate tells Ted "who's to say I didn't invite Vivian over and shoot her dead on the spot"; Ted looks very nervous; Hope asks Ciara if she's a monster for trying to protect daughter; Ciara tells Hope don't need protecting; Ciara says Ben is staying at loft; H tells Ciara she's making mistake; Kate tells Ted that Stef believed shooting not accidental; Kate tells Ted, like Vic making life hell;

    Kate tells Ted cleaner solution than paying off; Ted says "please Kate"; Sonny apologizes for making Will uncomfortable; W says not mad at S for being honest & understands & knows they've grown closer, as friends-always be Ari's parents; S clearly upset; Will sorry made Sonny feel like it was more; S says no, honesty important; W says cares about S because of who they are now, but doesn't love S, loves Paul and that's not going to change; Steve on phone leaving message for Kayla to finish their conversation-wants to help; Adrienne runs into PD to Steve-glad he found "that piece of trash for me"; Steve tells Adrienne Bonnie is cornered rat; Ad says Bon will never see light of day again; Ad wants to go in on her own; Steve says let him know if needs help; Bonnie sees Adrienne enter & is clearly surprised; ;Mar/John enters their room; Mar was thinking about Hat/Bon & how almost lost J; J says nothing to come between them again; Mar says has to get ready; Mar opens package; Mar shocked by what's in box; Hope says Ciara not listening to reason-asks Tripp/Claire how they feel; Tripp says not okay; Claire says supports Ciara & owes Ben for clobbering him & not pressing charges; H starts talking about all who B hurt; Ciara says it's enough; H says not enough-says will call landlord;

    Ciara tells Hope if she does what she says to get rid of Ben, they're finished forever; Steve watches closed blind to inter room; Bon tells Adrienne like her hair; Ad tells her to shut up; Bon tells Ad what happened to her was Hat's fault;


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      John asks Mar what's in box; Mar say's it's me-doll in gown from 1999; Mar doesn't get it; John sees note "good luck at your wedding"-not signed; Mar asks J who would send this; Bon tells Ad not proud what she did & must be back w/Lucas now; Ad says back w/Justin; Bon says seems like did her favor-made her realize who really loved; Ad shocked Bon thinking all's well ends well; Bon tells Ad they're connected "help a sister out"; Will tells Sonny knows he didn't want to hear what W said; W says they tried when he first came back to Salem but something didn't feel right; S says didn't expect W to just leave Paul; ;W knows S just needed to say it; W/S don't want to make it awkward; W glad S honest; Will tells Sonny he's a great guy & will find someone to make him happy; W says he'll let S know when hears from Kate; W hugs S goodbye; S clearly broken up & W emotional too; W leaves; S looks after him, shakes head; Ted says sorry he hurt Kate- just business; K says their business now concluded; T asks K if she's capable of killing in cold blood; K shoves gun at Ted's chest "I guess you're gonna find out"; Claire/Tripp move away; Hope asks Ciara if will cut her out of life for murderer; Ciara says this is about H trying to control her; H says trying to protect; H tells Ben must be enjoying this; B says never wanted this but Ciara true friend; Hope says she's reopening arson investigation, kisses Ciara goodbye & leaves; Bon tries to tell Adrienne both mothers-would do anything to get back to her children; Ad tells Bon she'll get back to prison for rest of life-tells Friends Statesville she says hello;

      Adrienne walks out on Bon; John plays w/Marbie in silly way; Mar asks J if feels odd & they both know it's strange; Mar goes to see if someone on their wedding list sent doll; J says resemblance uncanny; Mar thinks knows who sent doll; Sonny takes wedding photo out of drawer as Adrienne comes in-tells S Bon will now pay for what she did to them; S nods; Hope enters inter room; H tell Bon escaped felon & will be processed; Bon says she gets call; H gives her phone; Bon asks for privacy & makes call; Bon tells Person needs big favor & has to convince person not to hang up; Hope tells Steve will have someone take his statement about Bon; Steve knows H dealing w/Ben; H says has to get him out of town before all regret it; Ciara gets B settled on sofa; Ben asks Ciara if sure about this-understands Hope is worried about Ciara; Tripp/Claire looking on; Tripp tells Claire that Ben is a threat; Claire says it's important to Ciara * won't get in Ciara's way about something she feels "passionate about"; Claire leaves room; Ben settles on sofa as Tripp glares; Sonny asks Adrienne if weird sitting opposite Bon; Ad glad Bon will get hers-wants to celebrate; Ad realizes something wrong-asks if Will; S says told W how he felt but W doesn't feel same; Ad sorry; S says sorry-knows where stands;

      Adrienne gives Sonny supportive hug; ;Kate takes drink, looks at gun, calls Will; W asks K if talked to Ted; K says T won't bother them anymore; K tells W she'll do anything for him-can't talk now; K picks up gun; Kate says to herself "Ted, did you really think I would give you Andre's money" and continues to drink--no sign of Ted; John spoke to Hat in warden's office-didn't send doll but wish she had thought of it & wished them good luck at wedding; Mar asks John if not Hat, who sent doll; J says they should stop thinking about this; Mar wonders if he's worried; J wants to "play" before their bachelor parties; Mar puts doll down-SHOW ENDS


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        "Starts to flirt with Steve to give her way to get her out; Steve tells her she's out of her mind- 'you look like my sister' "

        Oh? I bet if she had Adrienne locked in a bunker somewhere, he'd be much more compliant.


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          Ciara WHAT THE HELL LOL
          Again with the Ben - Ciara wake up.


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            So what did Kate do with/to TED?


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