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Rita McLaughlin (ex-Carol Deming) diagnosed with terminal brain cancer


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  • Rita McLaughlin (ex-Carol Deming) diagnosed with terminal brain cancer

    For those who have watched ATWT back in the 70's may remember the character of Carol Deming. She was married to Tom Hughes (before he married Margo back in 1983).

    The actress who played Carol, Rita McLaughlin (Walter), was diagnosed last month with an aggressive form of Multifocal Glioblastoma (a terminal form of brain cancer).

    There is a GoFundMe set up for her. You can search for Rita Walter on Google and it may show up there.

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    I vaguely recall her as a child, wasn't she also married to a guy named Jay? I wish the best for the actress,very sad story.


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      Yes, Carol cheated on Tom with Jay Stallings and later married him. The strange thing is that Tom's second wife (Natalie) cheated on Tom with the SAME GUY!

      It's a very sad story for Rita. Unfortunately, with the type of brain cancer it is, it's not looking good for her. One of my best friends from college passed away from the same type of brain cancer not even four months after she was diagnosed.


      • Brighton
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        I remember this actress too from her days of playing Carol on ATWT. I recall the character being married to Tom but that's about it. Middle school was a long time ago.

        I also had a friend who passed away from this disease in 2019. He had it for nearly three years so lasted longer than most. Luckily for a good portion of that time he led a fairly normal life. My prayers are with Ms. McLaughlin and her family.

      • shandy0630
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        Brighton When she was towards the end of her run on ATWT, I was too young (I was born in 1977).

        Your friend was very fortunate. It also depends on what stage it is when it's initially diagnosed. When my friend was diagnosed, her's was already stage four, one of the tumors was basically on her brainstem and they believed it was in her brainstem, making surgery extremely risky.

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