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    I actually really did like Scott Holroyd. I thought I mentioned that in a post somewhere. I wished he had stayed and I'm not sure of what happened why he exited the role but I saw no need for ATWT to go in a different direction with another actor because Scott, I thought was perfectly capable of playing dark as well as light. In fact, I thought his Paul had more complexity than Howarth's portrayal.

    @ Markjeh, I also thought Howarth was miscast.
    Honestly, though I picked Andrew over Holroyd simply because, of the time Andrew was in the role, he had more meaty seminal storylines and better writing than Holroyd, therefore he had more time to shine. Paul's shooting of his father after protecting Emily was one of the seminal stories from the '80s. I don't know any longtime ATWT fan who hasn't seen that story. And the revelation of his sexual relationship with Emily in court--that is classic soap!

    Holroyd was good and I preferred him to Howarth in the role but he didn't have a the benefit of a big sweeping story with long lasting repercussions for multiple characters. Given more time and the benefit of better writing, he very well might have ended up being my favorite.


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      I just don't see SH being able to pull off the cabin scenes that RH did so brilliantly. His performances during that storyline were really good. Roger struck just the right tone.

      Sorry to wander off topic: I was even pulling for Meg and Paul during those scenes but she quickly got on my last good nerve. Paul was who he was and Meg either needed to accept it or move on. They were toxic together after the first 6 months or so.
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        Hands down Roger Howarth was my all time favorite Paul Ryan!


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          Originally posted by DallasGal View Post
          Andy as a young Paul.
          Roger as the adult Paul.

          I agree that Paul really got interesting when Roger took over the role. And, to me, Roger's Paul represented who and how the son of James Stenbeck and Barbara Ryan should act.
          I believe DallasGal makes a really good point here re: Roger. Roger acted the way Paul should act given his parentage and what he had been through.

          I too loved both Andy and Roger. Kavovit's Paul portrayed the coming of age thing well. And of course Roger did a tremendous job. Roger's Paul was markedly more volatile than the Paul's in between.


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            Andrew Kavovit! Couldn't stand Roger Howarth. He's a fine actor, but he wasn't Paul Ryan to me.

            As a side, I can still hear the characters introduce or talk about him, even though they already knew him as, "Paul Ryan." Paul Ryan this, Paul Ryan that. I always mumbled to myself, "Just Paul, please."


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              Originally posted by Markjeh View Post
              I'm actually really shocked that I'm the first to say Scott Holroyd. I thought he was pretty popular.Even though I really liked Paul & Emily together, Roger Howarth was a miscast imo.
              I'm shocked too! I definitely preferred Scott Holroyd and I was so disappointed when Howarth replaced him.


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