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David Birney - Was he Jeff, Penny's first husband?


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  • David Birney - Was he Jeff, Penny's first husband?

    I just read he died. I may be wrong, but I thought he played Jeff, Penny's husband, way back in the late 50's. Anyone know for sure? "Penny" , Rosemary Printz (sp?), was interviewed once, and told a story about how much fans were into her marriage to Jeff. She said her maid (IRL) stayed up one night waiting for "Penny" to get home so she could tell her that Jeff had gotten up after she had fallen asleep, and started drinking, again, on that day's episode.

    The obit mentioned that David did "a handful" of TV series, but never mentioned ATWT. Seems Bridget and Bernie which only lasted one season was his big claim to fame.

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    No, Mark Rydell played Jeff. They did sort of resemble each other when they were young. David Birney was on Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (as Mark Elliott). His character was in a triangle with Donna Mills and Leslie Charleson.


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      If I am remembering correctly both men, Mark Rydell and David Birney died this year, 2022. WRONG: Mark Rydell is alive & active at 93 yrs. old.
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    Thanks so much, JAM! It was driving me crazy. I remember, now.


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      That is sad he mistreated his first wife Meredith.


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