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Kirk and the Snyder women


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  • Kirk and the Snyder women

    Did fans prefer him with Iva or Ellie? Both pairs were OK to me. Would anyone have liked him to date Meg, or even Lily?

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    I loved Kirk and Ellie as a couple....but not Kirk and Iva...I liked Iva with John Dixon, to be honest....even though he'd dated her mother, lol....

    Kirk and Ellie were, to me, a really fun couple to watch...when things were good....and I liked Ellie a lot...

    Meg I loved the original version of, but when Nut Meg came back to Oakdale, I didn't enjoy the character AT ALL....


    • chandon1
      chandon1 commented
      Editing a comment
      I liked Original Meg 2 & felt so bad 4 her when she had that thingy with ugh! Antonio!

      I wasn't a fan what show did 2 meg @ the end of the show!

      I really enjoy the younger version of Emily 2 when she was the mistress of James Stenbeck & she bonded with the younger version of Paul! the 2 actors had great chem 2gether!

      I wanted those 2gether, then but @ the end of the show I was NOT a fan of either character.

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    I liked Kirk with Iva myself, and I agree with everyone else about Meg.


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      I preferred him with Iva. Poor Iva never got much of a happy love life.


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        I loved him with both Iva and Ellie. He brought a bit of humor to the show and kept things interesting. He could stand up to Lucinda and still fit in at the Snyder farm. A great addition to the show in the late 80's.


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          I liked Kirk more with Ellie and then with Samantha. I was never an Iva fan to begin with. To me, she never had chemistry with anybody she was paired with on the show.


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