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Guiding Light vs As The Worlds Turn.


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  • Guiding Light vs As The Worlds Turn.

    Which was the better Soap. Which one had stronger appeal to you. To me. I watched both as a kid. I would say that ATWT for me. The characters of Lily/Andy/Paul/Dusty were close in age for me. We are all basically 50 now. On Guiding Light. Philip/Beth/Rick/Mindy would be like my older Cousins.

    Both shows were great, but I felt the absence of Reva/Alan/Philip hurt the show, when they were off the Canvas at various times. ATWT did not really have that as much.

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    atwt had better actors, and for years had better writting too. It was a disgrace what they did with that show the last two years.


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      I watched both for many, many years - when they were both about 'families' - when they both were character driven stories for the most part, they were both excellent...when they became more plot driven....they both dropped in quality and least to me, but I kept watching....

      I have to differ in opinion on ATWT losing actors/characters that impacted the show - when Lily was replaced with Heather Rattray....the character changed a lot (and suffered).....and when Holden left between 1995 and 1997.....they were a hugely popular couple....none of Lily's other marriages were as popular with viewers....they also never had a villain as 'big' as James Stenbeck - his first return from the dead (and really the only time they should have killed him off and brought him back) was the BEST shock return on that got cartoonish as they kept killing him and reviving him over the years and children came out of the woodwork like David Stenbeck and Jordan Sinclair and then Henry Coleman....that was all just too cartoonish....but Oakdale without James was not the same.....just my opinion, really....


      • GuidingLite
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        I have never been a fan of Julianne Moore - even as Frannie....but I loved Mary Ellen sometimes they, to me, got it right with re-casting....even though JM went on to be a movie Frannie...I just never cared for the character at the time....MES made me like her....Emily was another one...I liked Melanie Smith as Emily, but Kelly Menighan (then Hensley) knocked it out of the park for me.....and I agree with you completely on Betsy....

      • witchboy
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        I prefer Lindsay Frost over Meg Ryan.
        I always thought Mary Ellen Stuart would've been a good Betsy recast but she wasn't right for Frannie. It also really bugged me that they made Frannie and Sabrina not look alike anymore. Terrible continuity, and a missed opportunity for storytelling, as "twins" are a great way to showcase an actor's range and talent.

      • Nikki7447xoxo
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        Witch... Yep.

        albeit, the older characters, i.e. Lindsay Frost, and others, they were relatable to my almost 13 yrs, older than me big sister.

        She liked the taller blonde, best. (That would be Lindsey Frost) She was saying, she was a better realistic, fit in real well, more than

        she said the other (played by Meg Ryan.) I didn't start watching til years later." Adios.

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      There was good and bad, but I absolutely LOVED them both and it still saddens me to this day, the the first two longest running Soaps in history (when they went off air) went out the wat they did.
      Such total disrespect...


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        I was a regular viewer of both, back in the day, and I miss them both. I can't say which was better to me, or which one I liked better. Like soaps goes, both had their periods of good times and bad times. Unfortunately, as the years go by, and they are many, long years, I find myself forgetting a lot of the stories, characters, and things that were and used to be. Thinking about ATWT, GL, and other soaps that are no more, is sad to me, as I'm sure it is for many. I'm just glad we had GL and ATWT, for the time that we did.


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          ATWT was always better for me. Loved Lily and Holden. GL was good but in the final few years it was really bad esp the way it was filmed.


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            ATWT was the best!

            My P&G soap order:



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              I really loved both and feel they deserved to be the last soaps standing rather than some of the ones that currently remain. Like all soaps both had their highs and lows, but usually when ATWT was at a low, GL was at a high and vice versa, which was a great thing! Despite my user name on here I probably loved GL just a bit more and I have greater fondness for GL characters and actors to this day. However, I have to admit ATWT finished much stronger.


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              That’s a hard call. The shows were very similar IMO and I’d watched from the 1970s to their last episodes. YNR was always in a category by itself (CBS soaps wise) but these two seemed more down to earth as if these were everyday people. Steve, Craig, Meg, Tom, Lucinda, Dusty, Holden and the Snyders, and James Stenback kept me on the edge of my seat. As the years passed and the show focused mostly on Lily it got less entertaining. I loved the Roseanne Mike Carly days but soon lost interest.
              Guiding Light seemed to lose its way faster. Mindy, Rick, Philip and Beth were the foursome we loved to see. Billy was so down to earth and the handsome Joshua made my heart melt. At the end it just seemed like no one cared to produce quality. So I’d say ATWT over GL.


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                I grew up on both. I agree, both has pros and cons.


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                  I always liked Guiding Light better than ATWT.


                  • chandon1
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                    I have 2 agree with U on this one.

                    Although, my mom watched both & I still remember Ed/Mike Bauer when they were were much younger.

                    But, IMO the 1980's was their very BEST they ever were with the introductions of...the Lewis, the Spauldings, and especially REVA SHAYNE!

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                  Both shows were great AT CERTAIN POINTS. Obviously, Doug Marland writing both shows was a highlight. Both shows suffered tremendously during their last several years. I still contend that if PGP had supported these shows as it should have, they would still be on the air. I still miss both.


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                    I watched both shows. Started as a little girl with my Grandmother, and continued watching in my teens and into adulthood. Taping wasn’t invented yet, but my Grandmother gave me a play by play after school. I loved both soaps. I did not like the way Proctor and Gamble treated GL at the end. In fact I wouldn’t buy their products for a long time.


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                      I started watching Guiding Light in the summer of 1992 when my beloved Santa Barbara, the best soap opera of all time, was being phased out. I later added As the World Turns in the fall of 1992.

                      Enjoyed GL 100 times more than ATWT in the last 17 years of the show. The two never even came close. ATWT bored me immensely during the years I watched it and other than only a few bad periods (I'm thinking San Cristobel in 1999), I was rarely disappointed in GL.


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                        Better then what we have now!


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