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The year that was 2006 in Oakdale... Nik Kasnoff


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  • The year that was 2006 in Oakdale... Nik Kasnoff

    I don't know how many still read this forum but, I have been watching old clips and I am now watching the year 2006.

    I feel it was one of the better ATWT years along with 2001.

    I have a question ... if there is anyone out there who can comment...

    Nik Kasnoff... he came riding into Oakdale on his bike, looking all sexy and rebellious as the cop who would become Jack's nemesis. He also had a thing for Carly. Anyway, he only lasted about 6 months before he was killed off. It felt like he was meant for more than that and I am curious if anyone knows if that was the intention all along.. to have him come on create some drama and then get written off as a murderer?

    I have always wondered if there was some back stage stuff going on like the character didn't quite work or the actor wanted to leave the soap and the murder story line was a last minute rewrite? It seemed to come up out of nowhere and it didn't last long to wrap up as far as soap story lines usually go.

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    The only thing I remember about Nick Kasnoff is that he tried to set Mike up for a murder he committed back in 1993 and that Katie killed him in self defense.


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      This was actually the only storyline from 2006 that I rewatched recently. What's crazy is that I didn't like the storyline the first time I watched it but I liked it a lot more after rewatching. I miss ATWT but I'm glad we have the memories online on youtube.

      I think he was written out because they didn't know what else to do with him and he was really only tied to Mike.

      I didn't care about Nick one way or the other, but I liked the storyline. The actor that played Nick did well in his final scenes when he was dying and apologizing to Mike.

      This was also the one storyline that Katie wasn't playing games in (along with Brad's death). That alone made it worth it since her games went downhill fast.

      The best part was when Mike blamed Katie for Nick's death. He couldn't forgive her (or himself deep down) and Katie kept begging him to let her in. Mark Collier did an excellent job when Mike blamed Katie for Nick's death. Terri Conn (Katie) also did great with tearfully begging Mike's forgiveness. But two weeks later, Mike and Katie talked it out and it was never mentioned again. But I think the Nick situation contributed to Mike divorcing Katie. Simon was the tip of it. Once she cheated with Simon, he left Katie for good and never looked back. At the same time, Simon's running from the law (with Carly!) Crazy huh?!

      There should have been more fallout from Nick's death. Not legal consequences, but the tension between Mike and Katie was too rushed. I really think Mike blaming Katie for Nick's death was rushed to go back to the Mike/Katie/Simon triangle. Actually, a Mike/Katie/Simon/Carly quadrangle...​​
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